We Must Never Forget!


Video: Holocaust Remembrance Day 2021…What did Scripture Warn About the Holocaust?


"'Thus said the LORD; come from the four directions, O spirit, and blow into these slain people, that they may come to life!'" Ezekiel 37:9

Eight decades have passed, and too many people have forgotten the world’s pledge to “never forget.”

Tragically, stop any millennial on any street in America and you will find a maze of misinformation on their knowledge of the Holocaust and the six million Jews who died under Hilter’s cruel regime.

Too few can relate salient truth and historical facts about the world’s darkest hour.  Many, courtesy of a failed educational system in America, were never taught the horrors of the Holocaust.  And ominously, as antisemitism is today on a dramatic rise,  many more under the dark cloud of hatred and ignorance, believe that the Jews were responsible for their own well deserved extermination at the hands of the Nazis, or that none of this ever really happened at all as increasing scores of young people are being told as they prowl countless swastika littered hate sites on the dark web internet.

PJTN is committed to commemorating and remembering.  As part of our ongoing campaign of “Taking Back America’s Children” the establishment of the Holocaust curriculum in America’s classrooms is a major PJTN priority.  We are working closely with the top leadership state-by-state to introduce standards and instructional materials of the highest caliber and have had the honor of seeing our work adopted and introduced in states throughout the U.S. 

As dark clouds gather over America, now as never before, we must assure the tragedies of the past are not repeated. As parents and grandparents,  we must pass the torch of God and humanity to educate our next generation of leadership—our children.

We remember today.  We must never forget.


To honor Holocaust Remembrance Day, we are encouraging you to view and share PJTN’s award-winning documentary on the Holocaust “The Forgotten People.”  This film is an invaluable resource—please share the link with your family and friends.


We commemorate International Holocaust Remembrance Day on Wednesday, January 27th. It is important to note that Emanuel Rund created and initiated the International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Please watch the video and share it.

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