Do you think that Jesus was a Palestinian?

We are on a countdown to a decision that will dramatically impact the future of America—our children, grandchildren and the unborn generations to come.


We are on a countdown to a decision that will dramatically impact the future of America—our children, grandchildren and the unborn generations to come.

At PJTN, we are a Christian nonprofit engaged 24/7, 365 in the war on antisemitism by educating and activating Christians to stand on the Bible as we make critical decisions that will impact generations to come. We would not be faithful to the cause if we did not make every attempt to sound the alarm to draw awareness of the antisemitism that’s at hand. 

Rev. Raphael Warnock touted as a Christian pastor, has targeted speech that only touches the surface of his true beliefs. It appears that Warnock is more interested in pushing a subversive political agenda than representing God’s word...

His message that Jesus was a Palestinian is a dog whistle for hatred. The only people that attempt to rob Jesus of His true heritage as a Jew born in Judea are those who hate the Jews.

His messaging is laid with a fusion of two anti-Semitic doctrines that have led to the murder of countless Jews throughout world history—doctrines that PJTN has been dedicated to exposing—Replacement Theology (RT) and Liberation Theology (LT).  

Replacement Theology is a heretical teaching that promotes the doctrine that Christians replaced the Jews as God’s Chosen People and in turn, the Jews are condemned to eternal hell. This vile lie has led to pogroms, inquisitions and even the Holocaust.

Liberation Theology was born in Latin America during the rise of communism as a doctrine peddling the propaganda that Jesus was a revolutionary activist fighting off the cruel yoke of Roman colonialism. It later spread worldwide as a tool for Marxists to recruit Christians ignorant of the vile falsehoods of RT and LT. The oppressive regime of Yasser Arafat, who led the PLO, took full advantage knowing that the life of Jesus stood in direct contradiction to his push for power, making it difficult to recruit Christians to the terrorist PLO cause. He pushed the movement to turn Jesus into a poor Palestinian. This false and blasphemous doctrine has been disseminated through channels of hate in America for decades fueling fringe anti-Semites on both the right and the left from Obama’s former pastor Jeremiah Wright to Rick Wiles the Christian heretic whose radio broadcasts suggested that there was a Jew Coup underway to overthrow America. What unites all in these threads is the common cause of hatred for the Jews. The Muslim interpretation of these lies has been promoted by Ilhan Omar—no surprise that Omar is personally campaigning for Warnock in Georgia this week.

Warnock’s spin doctors are working to cover his history of antisemitism and paint him with broad strokes as a “pastor” and even more as the heir to Martin Luther King Jr’s mantle—a Zionist and staunch supporter of Israel. Nothing could be further from the truth. Warnock and his allies are bent on a radical course of rewriting American history and eroding the Judeo-Christian values upon which America was founded by “fundamentally transforming America.” 

At a time when our country, with the count of a vote, may never again be the America we love—we need leaders that honor God’s place in America, respect our shared past and aim to build a better future. As PJTN Watchmen, our duty is to “sound the alarm” from the wall at the first sight of danger.  

On your walls, O Jerusalem, I have set watchmen, all the day and all the night they shall never be silent…you who put the Lord in remembrance take no rest. Isaiah 62:9 

We will not and must not be silent in the face of evil. Pray and speak for America all who love her.

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