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At a time when all of us can use encouragement, PJTN Watchmen can be hopeful that we ARE making a difference on the side of preserving faith and values in America.

At a time when all of us can use encouragementPJTN Watchmen can be hopeful that we ARE making a difference on the side of preserving faith and values in America.

I was encouraged to see that the Barna report tabulated an unprecedented 99% turnout by the amazing solidarity of the “SAGE CON” (Spiritually Active Governance Engaged Conservation) Christian voters in the 2020 Presidential post-election recap—dwarfing Barna’s forecast of a projected 66%This is another confirmation to our PJTN team of supporters and staffour strategy was on message to exact the greatest impact PJTN was able to have in our attempts to rally Christians and Jews to vote to ensure our voices and values were heard!

Additionally, earlier this fall, Broward County, another community where PJTN has been engaged for a decade in educating and activating parents and citizens to pull children out of the public school propaganda mills and educate their children at home, saw a 3.5% drop in enrollment and just this week, news broke in Davidson County (Nashville, TN) that 20,000 students opted out too! 

We have a clear cut mission as Americans and as PJTN Watchmen...

I am hopeful that our message is resounding with more and more people of faith who understand that the future of our Republic is hanging in the balance and we must tip the scales in our favor.  Patriotic Jewish and Christian voices—all who are of good moral conscience and who care about the Judeo-Christian values upon which this nation was built, will stand together as we hold the line and take back our destiny and our commitment to God and our Constitutional Republic, remaining as the bedrock of our children’s future America. 

Together, we have our marching orders for 2021:

  • “Ground up” reformation of our educational system. This will require "SAGE" voices of reason and commitment to get involved at every level of local government. Particularly in the area of education. We must start the new year with a serious thought of running for School Board in your district. If you can’t run—commit to getting to know those who are overseeing local education. Become aware of their values—or lack thereof. Let your voice and your values be heard by your vote. 
  • “Ground Up” reformation of your local government. “All government” is local—the road to the Senate begins at the local level. We must remain diligent to ensure our elected officials share our Judeo/Christian values and are dedicated to the preservation of our Constitutional Republic.
  • Continuing to remain connected and committed as we face a time of challenge like no other in our nation’s history. We are not all in the same boat, but we are all in the same storm.  There is unity and strength in numbers such as those PJTN affords us.
  • PJTN is re-committing to our unfailing dedication to support Israel and our Jewish brethren despite all the challenges that are sure to come. But one thing you can be sure of, because of our President's commitment to bless Israel, we stand and await His blessing on America. As we await the outcome of the election, we the people, PJTN Watchmen, agree and declare that God's promises are yes and amen! His promise to “bless those that bless Israel” remains at the very core of all we do and all we must stand for going forward. "Justice, justice, thou must pursue."

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