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On “Giving Tuesday” your support of PJTN has never been more needed—or appreciatedThrough a special gift of $25,000, a donor has issued a matching challenge to all PJTN supporters. Every dollar given to PJTN as a “Giving Tuesday" donation will be generously matched—so your donation will double in its ability to be a blessing to the work of our mission.

Due in great part to the national success we’ve had with our 2020 “Taking Back America’s Children” campaign, Tennessee’s Speaker of the House, Cameron Sexton, has appointed me to sit on the Tennessee Textbook Commission to help oversee the approved educational materials to be used by our children statewide. This is a tremendous responsibility and an opportunity for which I am deeply grateful. It speaks of Speaker Sexton’s commitment to excellence in education to have formed a diverse committee at this crucial time.

With my appointment has come a major attack and an attempt to thwart my seating on the Tennessee Textbook Commission...

Those opposed to PJTN’s mission and message have accused the organization of being a “hate group,” and I personally am under attack for having consistently stood on “faith and values” issues. I have been consistently faithful in my leadership of PJTN to sound the alarm in the protection of our Judeo Christian values and against those opposed to these opinions being voiced. Chief among those trying to silence me is CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) who promote the Islamist agenda as an aggressive media but have themselves been named a terrorist organization for their known support of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Please let Speaker Cameron Sexton know you support my voice on education and in the protection of our next generation of leadership in AmericaHe can be reached by email at [email protected].

Click here to view a sample letter to the Speaker.

I need your help today. Please consider your best “Giving Tuesday” gift to PJTN as we wage this war on all sides. 


Lastly and most importantly—pray!  We are at a crucial moment for God and country in America—what is happening to me is only another example of the attempt to silence my voice and YOUR VOICE. We must not lose this battle… we can only have victory by standing together.