PJTN was just given a generous $25,000 matching donation for Giving Tuesday!

As this week is a reminder of how much we have to be thankful for amidst a year that has been challenging to most of us—and difficult for so many—I want to remind you that next Tuesday, December 1st is set aside as “Giving Tuesday.”

What do you have to give? Things that cost very little, but mean so much, especially this year.  A smile, an act of service, the giving of your time to benefit a cause or someone in need of assistance—Giving Tuesday is a reminder that the act of giving is a gift that produces a blessing—for both the giver and the receiver.

Non-profits like PJTN can be especially blessed.

Through a special gift of $25,000, a donor has issued a matching challenge to all PJTN supporters. Every dollar given to PJTN as a “Giving Tuesday Donation” will be generously matched—so your donation will double in its ability to be a blessing to the work of our missionPlease consider your most generous donation today.  We are in a shortfall as the end of the year nears, and the matching grant has never been more needed.

Looking ahead to 2021, the work of PJTN will be more vital than ever. Our “Taking Back America’s Children” campaign will roll into the new year to meet all the uncertainties our children face like the ongoing COVID crisis, virtual learning, increasingly indoctrinated curricula and social programs, an empowered and forceful liberal national teacher’s union and no doubt the most radical leaning forces in politics ramping up on the tightening of civil liberties. Much is at stake, including the welfare of our next generation of leadership—our children and grandchildren.

As concerned Americans and patriots—Christians, Jews and all people of good conscience—we must be prepared to stand up to the challenges aheadPJTN will be found standing—and speaking out—loudly and consistently in support of God, American values, the peace and safety of Israel and the Jewish people, the ongoing safe preservation and blessing of our children.

Please use this upcoming “Giving Tuesday” to show your continued support of PJTN! Remember your gift will DOUBLE. All gifts are tax-deductible.



Know that we are thankful for you in this season of remembered blessings. We cannot do what we must do without your generous support.