I need your help to ensure transparency in education!

As our “Taking Back America’s Children” campaign has confirmed, educating the next generation of our children is of central importance to America’s future. In past generations, our educational system was a critical factor in America’s greatness as a world leader; however, for the past few decades, our educational system has been on freefall away from the core values that made America great. 

PJTN has been on the forefront for over a decade in the battle for the minds and hearts of our next generation—sounding the alarm with parents that our schools and curriculum are under assault from every direction—disinformation and propaganda from international forces, liberal-leaning teacher’s unions, new indoctrination such as BLM and the 1619 Project, and the steady drumbeat of Common Core. What is Common Core?  

Common Core is a national movement to standardize the core curriculum that gained support in the 90s and by 2010 became a set of educational standards adopted by 41 states. While that may not sound so threatening, Common Core took away local control over our education and handed that huge responsibility to Washington, D.C. bureaucrats. Did we really want to give up control over how we teach, American history? The Constitution? Are we surprised to see science and issues of race politicized to extremes? 

While the common core educational standards are made available to the public, did you know that the actual curriculum and textbooks that are used in schools are not? Let me repeat: The actual curriculum and textbooks that are used in taxpayer-funded public schools are kept secret from the same taxpayers who pay for them. 

Now, why would the educational establishment want to hide from the general public what is actually being taught in public schools? What have they been hiding?

As a part of our “Taking Back America’s Children” initiative, PJTN has launched a campaign to get our elected officials to make all K-12 textbooks and curricula readily available to the general public, by encouraging local and state school board members, and other elected officials to sign PJTN's "Transparency in Education" Pledge.

With aggressive efforts by many to pressure school districts into incorporating the misguided and propaganda laced "1619 Project" and "Black Lives Matter" curriculum, is there any wonder why the educational establishment wants to keep the actual curriculum being taught in schools secret from parents and taxpayers?

Are you concerned that textbooks and curriculum are not readily available to the general public? What can you do?

Sign our “Transparency in Education” petition to let your elected officials know you are aware and concerned that their representation is being overlooked by a growing number of concerned Americans. Your support matters to them and your voice must be heard! 


Thank you for your ongoing support that is needed now more than ever in these challenging times. Please consider becoming a new PJTN “Watchman” and remember that during November and December with your pledge of $20/mo., we will send you a gift copy of Josh Reinstein’s compelling new bestselling book, Titus, Trump and the Triumph of Israelour way of thanking you for your support of PJTN. Please consider your best gift today as PJTN is on the frontlines with your voice and your values.