PJTN executes another successful education campaign!

Our over-arching campaign for 2020“Taking Back America’s Children, continues on the successful track that only comes with tireless commitment, team effort and God’s answer to our prayers to make a difference in the lives of America’s next generation.

I am just back from West Palm Beach where I was present for the School Board meeting on Tuesday—a meeting where the vote was unanimous to fire Holocaust-denying principal William Latson—this vote was taken just over a year after their first termination vote. This week the Board rejected the judge recommending to reinstate him and decided on a permanent end of his influence on the Florida school system. It’s a victory for the community—particularly the large numbers of Jewish students and their parents who were impacted by his anti-Semitic views and their ability to affect his teaching. PJTN’s involvement in taking the story to national media through our interviews and social media was a 2-year commitment to see justice done. Thank you for your support in making all we do possible!

Ahead are challenges in Tennessee, Ohio and California where battles are still to be won...

PJTN's “Taking Back America’s Children” will march on—through the holidays, through the recount of presidential ballots, into the New Year of 2021. No matter the outcome of the Presidential race (and we must continue to pray), battling antisemitism, transparency in education and the continuance of Judeo-Christian values in America’s educational system, will all remain top priorities for PJTN in the new year to come.

As we’ve all noticed in the era of COVID and homeschooling—no “grey area” remains in the social and political attacks on America’s young! Attempts to remove our children from our values are no longer a secret—they are open and in broad daylight in American classrooms. PJTN will continue to identify and combat the enemies that are at war over the hearts and minds of America’s greatest resource—our next generation of leadership.

All battles are local—please let me know if you have concerns about what you see happening in your school district or within your child’s curriculum. Please email me at [email protected].

PJTN is continuing the call for prayer for America and the outcome God, in His divine wisdom, has destined should take us forward.

Thank you for your support of PJTN and know that your support makes all we do possible. Please consider becoming a new PJTN “Watchman” and remember that during November and December with your pledge of $20/mo., we will send you a gift copy of Josh Reinstein’s compelling new bestselling book, Titus, Trump and the Triumph of Israelour way of thanking you for your support of PJTN.