Mainstream media launches disinformation campaign

In answer to the scores of emails and questions I’ve received in regard to the chaos following last Tuesday’s election, let me be clear: Media does not call the Presidential election. We, the people, make that decision. The Constitution provides the process for declaring the President. The process will determine the outcome. The media call of Joe Biden as America’s President-Elect does not hold the force of law. 

This is all a propaganda hoax—a “brainwashing stunt” by the media. If the story that Joe Biden has won the presidency is repeated often and loudly enough it will be so to millions of listeners and viewers not informed of the election process. No! I encourage you to turn off the madness. You, as a patriotic American—whether Democrat or Republicanshould be concerned about the infringement of your values and your vote in this rush to judgment. The interests of those wanting to push America into socialism are at a fever pitch in this accelerated push to declare Joe Biden as our next president. Respected outlets such as Newsmax and the Epoch Timesand I am grateful to say Israel’s Prime Ministerhave all pointedly refused to fall prey to this media rush to name Biden president.

What is going on is unconstitutional and a set-up for chaos in America. We must be concerned about voter fraud, the refusal to allow poll watchers to participate in the ballot count process, and the myriad of concerned fellow Americans who have come forth to report fraudulent activities surrounding the vote count. Of primary concern to us should be the revelation of the “Hammer & Scorecard” software system that may have been implemented to divert votes, manipulate counts and present tampered outcomes. Only the call for recount and results of the investigations now underway by the office of Attorney General Barr will give a clear and correct call of the outcome of the 2020 election.

We, the people, should be outraged with the media’s callous besmirching of the sanctity of our vote. Millions of Americans died for our freedom to have a voice. We must not let our voices be drowned out by the media circus around us calling winners and outcomes that best suit their interests.

Federal law allows states more than a month after the election to finalize the results. This year that safe harbor date is December 8. Electors will meet in each state on December 14th. Their states are counted on January 6th at the U.S. Capitol. The next President of the United States will be sworn in on January 20th.

PJTN is calling for prayer for America and for the outcome, God, in His divine wisdom, has destined should take us forward!

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