We can do this!

I am issuing a “call to prayer” in the PJTN family today. We are seeing a split in the seam of democracy in what we are witnessing with the turmoil following the Presidential election—now several days after votes were cast to have delay, gridlock and the suggestion of possible ballot tampering holding an entire nation captive on news of the control of our country’s highest office. Let us pray and agree that the God of all—the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob—will intercede in the affairs of man and will assure His choice for the direction of this great nation. And to assure America’s ongoing support of Israel and our Jewish brethren. All is at stake as forces from every direction threaten our Judeo-Christian values and freedoms in the America we have known and loved.

In line with all that is happening, I had the privilege of having the Washington Times this week post an Op-Ed I wrote aptly entitled “American Textbooks Are Making Kids Hate America.” This is the core message we have taken to national media this year with our “Taking Back America’s Children” campaign. The PJTN message and campaign have hit a nerve that is resounding in this nation—up to and including what we are seeing unfold in America this week with the Presidential ballot count. Whether or not we chose to recognize it, a war is raging.

To underscore the urgency of of PJTN’s messaging, I took special note of the words of a major conservative radio voice this week when he said, "Death to America” used to be the go-to cliché ringing from the streets of Tehran. But this year it has been heard in Portland and Kenosha. It is the pathetic culmination of a half-century of neo-Marxist indoctrination of generations of Americans through our institutions of ‘higher learning.’ The 1960s Marxist rebels did not achieve their desired goals of revolution in America so they became college professors instead. For decades, they have methodically fed their anti-American poison to gullible young captive audiences in their classrooms, brainwashing a new and larger subversive army than they were ever able to muster in the 60s. Now, that poison has seeped into virtually every corner of our educational system. Anti-American sentiment is unfortunately now more the rule than the exception for millions of our fellow citizens. Ultimately, it is a personal choice to love or loathe America. Only one choice provides the catalyst to continue to improve the American experiment while protecting the key principles that made it exceptional in the first place.

PJTN is committing to pray for America at this important moment in our nation’s history as our leadership hangs in the balance of a vote count! No matter the outcome—we at PJTN are committed to the march forward—to “Taking Back America’s Children.” Scripture tells us, night is coming, when no man can work…. While it is light, our work continues!

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Prayers and Blessings,