Urgent last call on tomorrow's Florida School Board meeting!

Urgent last call  Monday AM School Board meeting in West Palm Beach.  

If you aren’t yet registered to speak—there’s still time! If you ARE registered and would like to yield your one minute to PJTN—I am prepared to present a full legal overview to the Board—we will need every minute we can muster to present our PJTN position. 

We need you to add your voice to the demand to permanently remove the Florida "Holocaust-denying Principal" from the state's educational system.

What can you still do?

  • Show up in person tomorrow — on Monday, Nov. 2nd and join me at the school board meeting in West Palm BeachYou must be there by 8:00 AM ET if you wish to register to speak! If you would be available and would like to reserve 1 minute of podium time before the Board to express your support of William Latson’s dismissal, please email me today at [email protected]. PJTN is compiling a list of “Watchmen” who will come in person and speak to the Board.
  • Send a Sunday Email to the Board. You can still send an advance email to [email protected] that will reach all seven members of the Palm Beach County School Board. 
  • Show up to show your support—with signs! Those who don’t pre-register to attend the actual Board Meeting can still show support to local media and citizens with a street rally. The meeting will be held in the board room at the Fulton-Holland Educational Services Center, 3300 Forest Hill Blvd., West Palm Beach.

This is our last public forum meeting in which PJTN can add our voice of concern and outrage over the reinstatement of William Latson, who incurred international scorn from his position as principal at Spanish River High School in Boca Raton for his refusal to acknowledge the Holocaust as a historical event. The story reached worldwide attention, led in great part by a press campaign launched by PJTN demanding his immediate removal. My exact quote at the time for media: “This anti-Semite should not be allowed anywhere near a school—PJTN is calling for his immediate removal, not reassignment!” He was officially terminated by school system officials last October.

Please respond to this email today at [email protected] and let me know PJTN can count on you to help us deliver a resounding “NO!” to Holocaust denial tomorrow AM in Florida. I need your support!