ACTION ALERT: Join PJTN at Monday rally in South Florida

As part of PJTN’s ongoing “Taking Back America’s Children” campaign, we are staging a live rally this coming MondayNovember 2nd in West Palm Beach, Florida, to speak out against the re-assignment of the Holocaust-denying principal, William Latson, within the Florida school system. I will be speaking before the Board of Education and I am calling on PJTN Watchmen nationally to add your voice to my message—“he has to go!”

We need you to add your voice to the demand to permanently remove the Florida "Holocaust-denying principal" from the state's educational system!

What can you do? 

  •  If you are in Florida, show up in person on Monday, Nov. 2nd and join me at the school board meeting in West Palm Beach. If you would be available this coming Monday at 9:00 AM ET and would like to reserve 1 minute of podium time before the Board to express your support of William Latson’s dismissal—please email me immediately at [email protected] before 1:00 PM ET tomorrow, Friday, October 30th. PJTN is compiling a list of “Watchmen” who will come in person and speak to the Board. We will submit our list of committed PJTN participants through the official channels to reserve your time and will confirm this back to you on return email. The meeting is being held at the Fulton-Holland Educational Services Center, 3300 Forest Hill Blvd., West Palm Beach.
  • No matter where you live, leave a phone message for the Board. As a concerned American and supporter of PJTN's “Taking Back America’s Children,” you can record a message to be played at the Monday morning meeting. Limit your comments to 1 minute, state your name, and your concerns over William Latson’s future ability to influence the education of Florida children. The deadline for recorded comments is this Friday, Oct. 30th at 5:00 PM ET. Your message will be played at the Monday meeting. Number to call (561) 684-5103. Remember to state your name and that you are a concerned PJTN Watchman!
  • Email the Board. You can send an advance email that will reach all seven members of the Palm Beach County School Board. Email: boardoffi[email protected]Please have your email sent by 5:00 PM ET this Friday, October 30th.
  • Share this message with friends! Those that live in Florida are welcome to join usIf you have friends who will turn out, phone, or emailevery voice and every opinion counts!

This is our last public forum meeting in which PJTN can add our voice of concern and outrage over the reinstatement of William Latson, who incurred international scorn from his position as principal at Spanish River High School in Boca Raton for his refusal to acknowledge the Holocaust as a historical event. The story reached worldwide attention, led in great part by a press campaign launched by PJTN demanding his immediate removal. My exact quote at the time for media: “This anti-Semite should not be allowed anywhere near a school—PJTN is calling for his immediate removal, not reassignment!”  

Latson is now officially back on staff within the Palm Beach city school system—complete with the hefty reward of $152,000 in back pay and never a hint of an apology for blatant antisemitism. Despite the outcries of the local Jewish community, the school board caved to the threat of ongoing legal battles.

PJTN is sending a letter to Florida's Attorney General Moody to launch a full and thorough investigation into whether or not the Jewish students' civil rights were violated. When an educator is incapable of defending documented history and protecting the civil rights of our childrenhe has crossed the line and has become a threat to our children, our communities and the future of this nation. His actions legitimize the outrageous claims by marginalized groups that the Holocaust didn’t happen or wasn’t as bad as history claimed. 

Not on our watch! We will again engage the media. 

The existence of an educator like Latson is not acceptable. If a principal can do what he did without permanent ramifications in Boca Raton, a community with a large Jewish population, it can be done anywhere. It is time to draw a line in the sand to combat this threat to our communities and to the educational future of America’s children.

Please continue to go to our homepage at and let me know you are behind us on the “Taking Back America’s Children” campaignShare the video on all your media platforms—we must get the word out to the masses. With only 5 days left until the most important vote in our lifetime—learn the issues and vote your values—from the top of the ticket to the bottomALL politics are local—your city and state officials will mandate the quality of your future and that of your children.

Please respond to this email and let me know PJTN can count on you to help us deliver a resounding “NO!” to Holocaust denial next Monday in Florida!