No compromise on Israel at Christian Media Summit!

I had the wonderful honor this weekend of being a part of the 4th Annual “Christian Media Summit” broadcast virtually from Jerusalem.

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Israel's Christian Media Summit

This year’s event underscored more than ever what tremendous role America—and evangelical Christians in particular—play in the ongoing support of Israel on the world stage.

Two things were made clear from the perspective of this Summit of international influencers. 

The world recognizes the cloud of tremendous “media bias” that covers America and our values are under deadly attack in our nationMedia bias is everywhere—as seen from the spiritual perspective, our Judeo-Christian values are at the center of a moral clash between those who love God and the foundation on which America was built, and those who despise these values. Our ability to be a strong ongoing, unwavering ‘friend of Israel’ hangs in the balance of power elected in November.

Where we are today with the war of the "two Americas” comes as no surprise to those of us who have watched, and warned, about the steady indoctrination of our children through the classroom over the past 50 plus years. Seeing our children in the throes of violence against our nation should propel us all to become more involved and more resolved to stand up for our values and say “No More!” We must take a stand for our next generation of leadership and not see it lost.

With less than two weeks left until the most important vote in our lifetime, I encourage you to go to and watch our Taking Back America’s Children video and share it with everyone you know on all of your media platforms. One thing is certain: On November 4th we will wake up in an America that will dictate our future and the future of the Judeo-Christian values we hold dear.

I encourage you to pray—but also act! Vote your values and encourage others to do the same. Share the video. PJTN’s mandate to “educate, motivate, and activate” has never been more relevant!

Thank you for your support of all we do!

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