Did you see Sen. Sasse school Dems on Civics 101? You've got to watch this!

...teach the children of Israel all the statues which the LORD has spoken...Leviticus 10:11

I am today foregoing my personal video message to present a video I hope you will take time to watch—perhaps planning to view it with your children. As the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court Judge nominee Amy Coney Barrett go forth, Senator Ben Sasse, Republican from Nebraska took a moment in yesterday’s hearings to explain the definition of 8th grade “civics” in the America of 2020. Sadly it’s a course now so distorted, I think his message deserves our attention.

As many Americans express frustration that politics knows no boundaries and is creating such a polarizing society, Sen. Sasse explains how civics lessons should underscore the importance of when political discourse is appropriate and when it isn't.

PJTN's research has found that K-12 textbooks used in today’s classrooms for science, history, civics, etc. are all imbued with politics and it's no wonder that politics has now found a place where it traditionally has not belonged. From the proper response to a pandemic and sports leagues and now to the Judiciary, Americans are right to be repulsed by the prevalence of politics and government “overreach” in all of these mediums.  

The only way to return them to politics-free zones is by ensuring that our textbooks and curricula in K-12 are teaching facts, not politics.

The “good news” is that PJTN is on the frontlines again in working for change. In recognition of our work, I am now in several positions to influence making changes for the “good” in education in America. My new positions include: 

  • Serving on Florida's Civics Standards and Textbook Review Committee
  • An appointment as Commissioner on the Tennessee State Textbook and Instructional Materials Quality Review Commission
  • Participating in the Florida Holocaust Standards/Benchmarks Review Committee

We are firmly committed to our campaign of “Taking Back America’s Children” —an effort that is rooted in the call for a complete reform of America’s educational system. We have for decades allowed the elements of historical revisionism, anti-Judeo/Christian disinformation, biased propaganda, Holocaust revisionism, removal of American exceptionalism and anti-Israel sentiment through the instructional absence of history and civics in the classroom.  Because of the sheer forces of infiltration of our children’s textbooks by foreign and domestic forces wishing to destroy America, to bring us to this point of a generation of young people who actually hate this nation, as well as our true friend and ally, Israel. 

Entities such as Pearson Publishers and their collaborators in education have been the number one enemy of American education as is Common Core. The division and the violence we are seeing in America’s streets today all began with what our children were or were not being taught while we, as parents and grandparents, were not watching. We must revise the course in our educational system, demand transparency in education and create new generations of American leadership that will support Israel before it’s too late.

If you haven’t already, please go to our website at www.pjtn.org and watch the “Taking Back America’s Children” video and share it with everyone you know on social media, Facebook, all your platforms that are available on which you can take PJTN’s messaging wider. WE—PJTN and you that stand united with us as Watchmen—are the change needed for a time such as this!

Your continued support makes all we do possible!

Please give your best donation today to keep our voice and our ongoing momentum in instituting positive change for our next generation of leadership—our children and grandchildren. 



Our votes will determine the America we wake up in on November 4th.



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