PJTN is being censored AGAIN!

PJTN is under attack! Like many Christian and Jewish pro-Israel and conservative organizations, our messaging is under heavy scrutiny and censorship by the “media giants”—Facebook, Twitter, YouTube—all the social media portals are now actively engaged in blocking messaging, posts and any avenue of reaching out with “faith and values” communications.

Our post of the “Taking Back America’s Children” video sent out on Tuesday was blocked from view for some of our supporters by YouTube. I received messages that others were able to post the video on Facebook but that their Facebook friends who viewed the post were subsequently unable to use the “share”  feature to forward the video to their own friend lists. In other instances, Facebook posts just disappear. 

We are re-sending the video today and asking you to:

  • Please click to view
  • Please “like” to show your support
  • Please “share” with your universe of friends—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram –all social media available. 

This video must be seen and shared!

This powerful PJTN video contains a vital message that must be broadcast far and wide across America in the remaining 26 days until the most important election in our lifetime. Our “Taking Back America’s Children” campaign has struck a chord of urgency and we must take it wider to reach more faith and values voters! We can only do that with your help and financial support.

The states we are targeting: Florida, Ohio, California, Minnesota, Texas, Tennessee, Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania and Washington State.

As I mentioned earlier, the cost of media time on both television and radio is extremely expensive—approximately $100,000 per state. It’s a heavy load that will require many hands. Some of our supporters can underwrite an entire state—and we are praying they will. Others can make a one-time special gift for this media campaign. All are valued and vital to the work before us to preserve our liberties, freedom and values.

We are now just 26 short days until an election that may be the most crucial in the history of our nation. Our voices and our values are under threat of being silenced—as seen by the current attempt with the messaging of PJTN. Please share the video and message and know how much your support is needed.

We must stand up together and speak louder.

At stake are our liberty, freedom, Judeo-Christian values, the future of our children and grandchildren, our next generation of leadership and our ability to remain one nation under God.

Please consider your best gift today in support of “Taking Back America’s Children.” We can only do what we do with your support. 

If you haven’t already become a PJTN Watchman with a donation of just $20/mo, please join us.


Together we will stand!



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