I need your help!

We face a defining moment in the United States and a critical hour at PJTN. I'm contacting you to ask you with great urgency to please share this video message with your sphere of influence—family, friends, congregation, social media—everyone you can reach.

This powerful PJTN video contains a vital message that must be broadcast far and wide across America in the remaining 28 days until the most important election in our lifetime. PJTN's “Taking Back America’s Children” campaign has struck a chord of urgency and we must expand our reach to influence more faith and values voters! We can only do that with your help and financial support.

The states we are targeting: Florida, Ohio, California, Minnesota, Texas, Tennessee, Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania and Washington State.

We must unite with one voice as parents, grandparents, concerned patriots and all good people of moral conscience who love America. Our next generation of leadership in America—our children—are the targets. We must be determined to wrestle the wheel of influence and control of our nation away from those forces who would destroy all we hold dear—our history, our Founding Fathers, our liberties, our freedoms, our values and our God. People of faith and good conscience must coalesce with more strength and resolve than the evil we face. They are resolved. Resolved to turn America into a Marxist regime that will ultimately burn all we have built and relegate a once proud and free country to the ash pile of memory. How will future generations know of the true glory of the land of the free and the home of the brave if we, in our generation, allowed the lamp of liberty to go dark? We must with one resolve, vote our faith and values and determine to preserve the future of our children.   

The cost of media time on televisionradio, print and online social platforms is extremely expensive—approximately $100,000 per state. It’s a heavy load that will require many hands. Some of our supporters can underwrite an entire state—and we are praying they will. Others can make a one-time special gift for this media campaign. All are valued and vital to the work before us to preserve our liberties, freedom and values.  

Join me today! Consider your most generous gift to ensure our PJTN message is broadcast. If you haven’t already, please consider becoming a “PJTN Watchman” with your monthly support of only $20. 

We are on the frontlines 24/7 assuring that your voice and values are heard!