For Immediate Release: Launch of the "PJTN Transparency in Education" Pledge As Part of PJTN's National Educational "Taking Back America's Children" Campaign

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“We must turn the tide! This 2020 Presidential election holds the key to our children’s future. Failure is not an option.”

(ORLANDO, FL) – October 1, 2020 – “Taking Back America’s Children,” the call for national educational reform launched this spring by Proclaiming Justice to The Nations (PJTN), is stepping up their efforts pre-election to include a pledge to demand that candidates seeking election stand for educational transparency in American education. The “PJTN Transparency in Education” pledge is this week in Phase 1 distribution by PJTN to more than 500 recipients running at state and local levels for school board and state legislative races, including those who will be serving on Education Committee positions.

Laurie Cardoza-Moore, Founder and President of PJTN, has been a national voice calling for transparency in education for more than a decade. “It’s time parents loudly demand transparency in America’s classrooms and time to call elected officials into accountability,” she noted. “The educational system in this nation has tragically failed our children and has put the future of our Constitutional Republic in jeopardy—as we’ve witnessed in the streets of America over this past summer.” 

The goal of the “PJTN Transparency in Education” campaign is to raise awareness of the content of curriculum/textbooks and electronic links used in K-12 education and to demand public access to review textbooks and all other teaching materials being utilized in the classroom and assigned as homework, a process heretofore not available for public scrutiny. PJTN will make public the names of those signing the pledge to inform local voters which of their elected officials, or those who are running for a local seat, support PJTN’s Transparency in Education Initiative.

A statement from Cardoza-Moore announcing the call for transparency was directed to parents: “Whether virtual classroom or traditional, be informed on what your child is being taught—what curriculum is being used—and whether or not your values are being represented in our children’s classrooms. What is being taught will impact your child’s future and the future of this Republic! 

A recent interview with a Harvard professor revealed her concern about children in the wake of virtual home classrooms being “entrusted” to their parents for their social well-being and training into adulthood. Outrageous? Yes—but only the tip of the iceberg! A teacher in Pennsylvania was recently brought to national scrutiny for his posts of concern on social media that parents were “eavesdropping” on his virtual classroom—offering the threat of hearing and shutting down his courses on radical leftwing social, sexual and cultural propaganda being offered his students. In Tennessee, parents were asked to sign a pledge not to attempt to view or sit in with their child for virtual classes. Our organization—PJTN—took that outrage to national media including Fox News to bring wider awareness and encourage parents to sit in on their child’s virtual learning. Review your child’s instructional materials—whether online or printed curriculum. Meet the teachers and principals. Make sure your values are being represented in your child’s education. Attend School Board meetings and bring with you like-minded parents/grandparents. Vote out those unfit to serve.

The re-writing of American history to perpetuate and encourage social warfare through curricula like “Black Lives Matter at School” and the 1619 Project are gas lights to the bigger agenda to pervert the founding and history of America, to disparage our founding heroes and patriots, to remove Judeo-Christian values, to destroy the traditional nuclear family and to relegate our Constitutional Republic to the ash heap of fallen nations who once were great. While America has slept over the past few decades, the hearts, minds and souls of our children were being overtaken by an enemy that seeks to destroy America and all we hold dear. For millions of Americans the innocent act of waving their children goodbye as the friendly yellow bus left the curb—was, in fact, literally “waving their children goodbye.” We are still losing them to an educational system filled with enemies of conservative America—Common Core, the NEAs radical leftwing agenda, Marxist agenda such as the BLM Movement and the 1619 Project, foreign textbook publishers such as Pearson Publishing who pull in billions of dollars from foreign interests (including Islamic government shareholders like Qatar who are funding terrorism) to fill teaching tools with anti-American, anti-Judeo-Christian, anti-Semitic and pro-Marxist propaganda. Our streets are filled with rioting, destructive American young people—haters of America and all the values for which we stand for, which millions gave their lives to preserve. Young people who want to now dismantle and rebuild all we have built into the foundation of the nation that became the world’s shining hope. Tragically these young people were once waved goodbye by caring parents who had no idea of the dangerous destination to which the friendly yellow school bus carried their children.

Our ultimate goal with the current “PJTN Transparency in Education” campaign is to identify allies in education who will support transparency and call for reform. "We must turn the tide! This 2020 Presidential and local elections hold the key to our children’s future and the future of these United States. Failure is not an option.”

ABOUT: Laurie Cardoza-Moore 

Laurie Cardoza-Moore is a globally respected “go-to” voice on the frontlines of the battle for the ideological, social, moral and civic mind of America’s next generation.

A homeschooling mother of five, her original “wake-up call” on the state of America’s educational system was the discovery of anti-American, anti-Judeo Christian content in her own children’s textbooks. The revelation of the early seeds of indoctrination of America’s children began her quest in the early 2000s to bring awareness and change through every avenue she could reach: Her home-based advocacy in education in Williamson County, Tennessee had a profound impact for change that reached national media. Legislative, media, advocacy and ultimately the development of PJTN programs and documentaries that are now shared globally and educate on a mass level have become her successful vehicles of choice since PJTN was founded by her in 2005—literally born on her kitchen table. 

As a valued advisor to Tennessee state legislators in the review and correction of inaccurate and biased content in the curriculum, she has mentored other homeschooling educators on K-12 facilitation of curricula including an emphasis on civics/social studies geography, history and, language arts. An avowed and passionate researcher of the U.S. Constitution and Civics history, she is also recognized as an expert in Hebraic Biblical history studies, antisemitism and the Holocaust after more than 30 years of studies.

In 2019, under her watch, PJTN presented a groundbreaking “white paper” to the U.S. Department of Education that was exhaustive in content and called for change.

Through the avenue of PJTN programming--principally the 30-minute television series Focus On Israel for which she serves as both host and executive producer – Laurie Cardoza-Moore has reached over 2.6 billion potential viewers regularly through a network of two dozen TV affiliates and satellite carriers.


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