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The dawn of the Jewish new year 5781 just a few days ago on Rosh Hashanah (Yom Teruah) seems to have accelerated time at PJTN! So much has happened since we communicated last week…

I was in Washington, D.C. over the weekend to participate in the day of prayer and repentance that brought tens of thousands of concerned Americans together to seek God and pray for the future of our nation. I want to encourage our Watchmen to continue in that spirit of prayer going forward into the Supreme Court nomination hearings and the upcoming elections as we humbly seek God’s mercy on America as our only shining hope.

Earlier in the week, Tennessee House Speaker Cameron Sexton invited me to serve on the Tennessee Textbooks and Instructional Materials Quality Review Commission. In my capacity as Commissioner, I will have a hand in the review and selection of textbooks and instructional material content being adopted for our children’s use in the state of Tennessee—a tremendous opportunity to “turn back the tide” on the negative forces that have invaded our children’s curricula for decades. This opportunity truly represents the core and “the voice” of the PJTN mission we have fought for! I am committed to ensuring that Tennessee textbooks and instructional materials are historically accurate, unbiased and reflect the values of the citizens of this state. I appreciate your prayers going forward.

Following the submission of our recent review and recommendations of the Florida Civics standards, I was also asked to assist Governor DeSantis' Department of Education in reviewing Holocaust standards in the State of Florida. As in so many avenues of education, Gov. DeSantis is leading the way in making Florida an example for the rest of the nation to follow. Florida requires all school districts to incorporate lessons on the Holocaust as another step in their quest to make the state #1 in student literacy and to combat antisemitism in state curricula.  Needless to say, I am humbled and honored to have been invited to serve the DeSantis administration in this capacity. These appointments further underscore the success of our PJTN Taking Back America’s Children campaign. Because of your prayers and financial support, we have been able to engage Dr. Sandra Alfonsi as PJTN’s Senior Academic Fellow, an expert educational research analyst on an ongoing basis.

I was asked recently if PJTN had “given up” the battle against antisemitism to concentrate on “Taking Back America’s Children.” The answer: Absolutely not! We will never abandon that cause. I reminded this individual that it was antisemitic content in a Pearson published textbook that led PJTN into education. The antisemitic, anti-Israel content is still a problem in classrooms across the U.S. It is exactly why we are seeing a rise in antisemitism in K-12 classrooms. We are on course to stop antisemitism at the very root of its beginning—in the education of our children. Hatred grows from small seeds planted in innocent young hearts and minds. With your financial support, we are dedicated to eradicating the process at its very root.

Thank you for your continued support which makes all we do possible! You are a vital part of every success at PJTN. Please consider your best gift going into October and the countdown to the most important election in our lifetime. It is for this reason that you must register, vote and add your voice for all that is good in America’s future!


Thank you too for your prayers as we take ground for the mission.



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