PJTN mobilizes Williamson County, TN to back The Blue

PJTN brought patriotism, prayer and the "Tree of Life" award to a Rally on the Square event in Franklin, Tennessee last night.

The “PJTN Constitution Day Rally” event drew a large crowd of supporters, patriots, political and media voices, musical performers, local clergy and law enforcement to the historic square in Franklin, Tennessee just outside of Nashville. The event celebrated America’s Constitution, our Judeo/Christian values and our future as a Constitutional Republic that upholds the freedoms and liberties we must preserve. I was very encouraged!

My message, on the critical need we have to preserve God and the intent of the Founding Fathers who had the original vision of freedom, liberty and justice for all, was enthusiastically received and was echoed by an array of speakers that agreed on one resounding message: “Wake up America—and Vote!” Voter registration was made available by PJTN at the rally.

Amid waving American flags and choruses of patriotic songs, I had the honor of presenting PJTN’s esteemed “Tree of Life" award to Williamson County Law Enforcement representative Dusty Rhoades, Sheriff of the jurisdiction, in honor of their service to the community. As I noted, “We want to encourage more Americans to support our law enforcement—both in prayer and in thanksgiving for their tremendous service and sacrifice, especially through these challenging times in our nation. We are tonight seeing the true meaning and value of Americans ‘taking to the streets’—in solidarity, unity, and prayer for God to bless our nation!”

The two-hour rally ended with “Prayer on the Square” and a class photo of me, a portion of the PJTN volunteer team with Sheriff Rhoades and a host of PJTN event participants.

More rallies to come pre-November elections! Your support of PJTN makes all we do possible! Continue to pray for the peace of our nation—and the peace of Jerusalem during the Jewish High Holy Days!


Blessings and Shalom,


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