Did you see Laurie at CPAC this weekend?

Our PJTN campaign "Taking Back America’s Children” has hit the pulse of America from coast to coast—especially through Laurie’s recent interviews on the Fox Network exposing the disastrous course American education has taken.

PJTN’s reach and sphere of influence increased exponentially this past week when Laurie was asked to be a speaker for a CPAC event on the “America vs Socialism Tour” being hosted nationally by the American Conservative Union. The Conservative Political  Action Conference (CPAC) brings together hundreds of conservative organizations, thousands of activists, millions of voter participants and the best and brightest voices of leadership and conservative thinkers. We are thrilled with Laurie’s invitation to speak at such an important forum.

Her participation at CPAC to talk on the “birth of socialism” in American education was a tremendous highlight of the event which was staged before a full audience of Pennsylvania voters. PJTN educates, motivates and activates—and this event was no exception! Our schools are now “social experiments”—training grounds for turning our children into fierce warriors for social justice. Who better to carry the torch than a homeschooling mother of five who went on to lead an entire global organization with her messaging.

Laurie has been a tremendous advocate of CPAC for years. The good news for the conservative message is that the major annual CPAC event each year draws an estimated 60% of young conservatives of college age and younger—the “next gen” of leadership that PJTN is championing.

Remember: Encourage everyone you know to “get educated on the issues, and vote.” Ignorance is never bliss on the winding road to enslavement. Wake upAmerica! We must stand up with one voice and push back the tidePJTN is committed to that cause.

Your support of PJTN makes all we do possible in the important future ahead of us.




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