Do you remember where you were on 9/11?

As America tomorrow honors the remembrance of 9/11, the memories are especially meaningful to me. As a homeschooling mother of five young children in 2001, I can still vividly see myself with the kids gathered close as we watched transfixed in disbelief by the images on our television screen. The unthinkable happened as we watched the Twin Towers fall and I remember prophetically telling my children, “The life you know as children, will not be the life you know as adults.” As Americans flocked to churches that week and gathered by the millions to watch as Billy Graham led our country in prayer from The National Cathedral in Washington, we were for that shining hour truly “one nation under God.” Not black America or white America. Not people from red states or blue states. Not a nation in discord…one nation…that vowed to “Never Forget.”

Fast forward to 2020. We are forgetting the greatness of America. As noted in a recent article in the Washington Post, with each September 11 anniversary that passes, a smaller and smaller portion of the American public is old enough to actually remember the events of that sunny morning in New York City. Nearly one-fifth of the current population was born after the attacks of 19 years ago—and a quarter of Americans now old enough to vote were too young to have any significant memory of the day America said: “we will never forget.”

We see our forgetfulness and lack of memory in the recent street violence over political, social and moral issues. In virulent rhetoric that divides our nation. In the generation of young Americans who tragically have never been taught in our nation’s classrooms to love and honor either God or country. Instead hatred and the call to tear down monuments, erase national milestones and recast history is the agenda of the day. The Bible gives us the admonition of what befalls a nation taken slave to forgetfulness. What happened in ancient Israel of old is happening before our eyes in our own nation today

After that whole generation had been gathered to their ancestors, another generation grew up who knew neither the Lord, or what He had done for Israel. 

Judges 2:10

President Trump is this week waging war at the latest attempt to rewrite American history in his declaration to have the Dept. of Education investigate the use of the “1619 Project” in the public school curriculum in California. He is threatening to defund schools using the blatant rewrite of the nation’s history—centering our foundation around the date in August of 1619 when the first slave ships arrived on American shores. A concept of the left-leaning New York Times, the “1619 Project” has gotten national traction with educators by putting a new face of racial injustice and slave mentality on the intentions of the Founding Fathers who themselves dedicated the new land to freedom and liberty. We must stand against this disinformation being allowed to become the norm in our children’s classrooms.

George Soros this week declared a major multimillion-dollar media push to engage “women” to register and vote against conservative values, the very Judeo/Christian values our nation was founded upon—it is incumbent of us to mobilize a counter-attack! 

Women—mothers, grandmothers, daughters, aunties and sisters—all American women of good conscience—we must rise up and speak up! “Taking Back America’s Children” is PJTN’s counter-weapon to the plans of George Soros! Register to vote and encourage all women within your sphere of influence to mobilize by faith to defend those values that preserve our liberties and freedoms for our children, and their children! Only 53 days remain until the future of our country will rest in the hands of this generation. This is the most important election of our lifetime.

We must not forget.  We must make a conscious effort to always remember.

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