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As I had the opportunity to tell national Fox & Friends Weekend viewers this past Saturday, we are living in a time of “parents beware!” in the new era of virtual classrooms. American parents are on a crash course in learning all the implications of the attempted overreach of governmental “data mining” being devised in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis.

It’s opportunities like my getting to be heard coast-to-coast with PJTN’s messaging that really makes sure your voice and your values as a PJTN supporter are recognized.  We are making a difference in pushing back the negative tide in America’s school systems! These are opportunities made possible by the support of our PJTN Watchmen.

Looking at the scenario of parents being asked to sign statements that they will refrain from “eavesdropping” on their children’s virtual classrooms, or being asked to become whistleblowers on other parents or friends suspect of viewing their children’s online instruction is beyond the realm of belief. I posed the question… “Are we talking about school districts in America or Communist China?” The powers that be in education are attempting to incite fear and intimidation in the parents that they may be guilty of violating federal and state laws. It has raised for “woke parents” numerous questions about the motivations of educators, the content that is being taught to our children and the risks to come of the Constitutional rights of privacy of American parents within their own homes.

Did you know… outrageous but true: The parents of a fifth-grader in Baltimore County, MD received a visit from local police after his teacher reported seeing a BB gun hanging on a rack on the wall behind their 11-year-old son who was observed on a class video call? Another incident made national news recently when the controversial Twitter feed of Matthew Kay was revealed. An avowed leftist teacher in Pennsylvania, he tweeted out expressing his fears that “conservative parents” might overhear him brainwashing their kids on indoctrination themed instructional chats about race, gender and radical left-wing forums.    

Of course, as you may already know, right here in Tennessee, where PJTN was born, the Department of Education’s recent abrupt halt of the controversial “Child WellBeing Toolkit” brought the state under the glare of national scrutiny—and happily prompted Fox News to call me for an interview. The energy that propelled this story to the national level came as a combination of PJTN’s relentless voice for our children’s welfare and the voices of multiplied parents and citizens across the state.

This weekend was yet another example of what will happen when we stand in force as concerned parents and patriots and demand to be heard. We must stand together going forward and demand 100% transparency in our children’s education.

Before Fox’s vast audience reach of 2 million viewers—I got to be YOUR voice and just say “NO!” to the slow-creep data-mining scheme and intrusion into our families through our children by data miners cloaked in the veil of “educators.” What was attempted as an ‘overreach’ in Tennessee is coming to a school district near you, PJTN Watchmen. This was not a mistake. This was clearly the opening volley of larger planned government overreach into our families and our lives and is a blatant violation of our Constitutional rights. We must demand 100% transparency and access to our children’s education. Nothing less.

Start now as the school year is beginning to:

  • Know your educatorsthe principal, the school officials…those who are planning policy in your child’s school.
  • Know your child’s teachershave personal or schedule virtual meetings with them and ask questions.
  • Demand copies of courses and curriculums and review them. Red flag agenda that is not in line with your values.
  • Observe your kid's virtual classroom if you have opted for online instructions.
  • Talk to your children and ask questions about what they're learning or if they've heard anything that makes them uncomfortable.
  • Link with other parents and address mutual concerns. There is strength in numbers, as PJTN has proven.

As we head towards fall and the upcoming election, PJTN must be armed and ready to do battle for the values and freedoms we hold dear. We are ramping up a full media campaign “Taking Back America’s Children” with radio and television spots in support of your values as American parents, patriots and people of goodwill in keeping America free for our children and grandchildren. We must have the money to buy media time and to secure that the message is heard prior to the November election.

Sadly we have lost a generation of American leadership through indoctrination — we must close that wound and not remain silent!

Your support of PJTN — both in messaging and in our financial needs — is crucially needed. 

Every dollar will be used to secure that your voice and your faith and values continue to have a place in America!




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