PJTN'S 2020 Global Education Reset

As virtual school bells ring in August, and parents and students alike find themselves in a confusing maze of governmental tug-of-war that varies in intensity from county-to-county and state-to-state on the mandate of whether or not school doors will actually re-open for classes, one fact is emerging across America.

2020 is the year parents are “resetting” their children’s education through a homeschool uprising.   

The term “woke” is a buzzword over the past several years for social awareness born in the Black Lives Matter (BLM) era to communicate social issues and movements against injustice, inequality and prejudice. Judeo/Christian parents who hold a Conservative viewpoint are now “woke.” Parents are rising to ask hard questions. Why nurture our children and then allow the government schools to instruct them with values, views and convictions not constant with the values of God and country that we hold dear? In fact, why are we allowing educators to teach our children that we are their social enemies?

As COVID has literally “blown the walls off schools” the global elites are terrified that families are figuring out that they can educate their own children at home and the benefits are invaluable to their child’s well-being.

A national study in April reported online by Campus Reform, stated that during the COVID-19 threats during which many beleaguered parents had no option other than homeschooling, 28% now have a more favorable view of the advantages of controlling the education and the values their children are being taught—or in most cases—not taught.

The new dilemma of the NEA and liberal-leaning educators of America: How to adopt and protect a “what happens here, stays here” dark veil around the virtual classroom!

Here’s a recent online screed that defines the dilemma of the left—this from a teacher in Philadelphia who moonlights the education of our children with his sideline of advocacy work for “anti-racism." Like many activist teachers, he’s concerned parents will become educated about what’s really happening in their kid's classroom. He wrote:

“So this fall in the virtual classroom discussions we run the risk of having many potential spectators—parents, siblings, in the same room…we can never be sure who is overhearing the discourse. What does this do for our equity/inclusion work? How many of us have installed some version of “what happens here, stays here,” in students’ minds? While conversations heard by conservative parents are a chief concern, we are engaged in the messy world of destabilizing kids on racism, homophobia and transphobia—how much do we want to protect from parents piping in? I’m concerned about the damage helicopter parents can do on honest conversations about gender and sexuality.”

What happens here stays here! Our children are being instructed in institutional racism along with the promotion of activism. Prospective new teachers who don’t conform with this bias are now encouraged to seek other career fields as recommended by dispositional theory tests. The worldview of the textbooks PJTN is currently researching is heavily steeped in cultural Marxism (political correctness) to subtlety—and not so subtlety—discredit every decent thing about America, our Founding Fathers, God— all things that stand in the way of paving the path for global Marxism.

Our children are our God-given responsibility—and in 2020 we are now called upon to defend the very right of parenting. Former MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry famously stated on air: “We have to break through the private idea that our kids belong to their parents or the kids belong to their families and recognize that kids belong to the whole community.”  She is now listed as an “endowed professor” at Wake Forest University in North Carolina.

And who can overlook the Harvard law professor who this spring announced she wants to make sure that homeschooling does not become the norm in America. She is actively advocating to revoke parents’ rights to homeschool their children. Touting her opinions nationally in an article titled, “The Risks of Home Schooling,” Elizabeth Bartholet noted, “the practice of homeschooling is inheritably a violation of children’s rights and it should be banned.” She continued: “Children have a right to a meaningful education and abuse can arise from homeschooling parents many of whom have extreme religious ideologies. Children should be exposed to non-discrimination world views and the tolerance of other people’s viewpoints." The final left-leaning craziness should send a shudder through every American parent: “Do we think parents should have 24/7 essential authoritarian control over their children from ages zero to 18? I think this is dangerous. It’s always dangerous to put powerful people in charge of the powerless and to give the powerful person total authority.”

Many teachers are a part of the NEA that has brainwashed them into the support of cultural Marxism by their teacher’s college, union, textbooks and other associates. Government K-12 controlled schools are on the brink of no reform back to the constitutional republic Americanism—it is now, without a miracle, a free fall into the Marxist world order. Our children are taught to be social justice supporting global citizens—not American patriots. Conservative students with Judeo/Christian values on college campuses are marginalized and threatened. They are silenced by threats of students who oppose their views or the views of radical liberal professors, or administrators.

We must push back. Progressives will threaten with violence, silence your conservative views, or call for you to be “canceled” from society if confronted. They say your views are hateful, fearful, or racist. They are wrong! What we stand for defines us and always will. We can no longer remain silent. It is time for Jews, Christians, conservatives and people of conscience—young and old—to unite as a single voice to boldly proclaim what we stand for and to oppose the mob mentality. 

I received this message from a retired Brigadier General — and for me, if defines YOU — our PJTN Watchmen:

“Remember, God gave you a gift to make a difference…
Your passion and your energy to protect our Country is in the great tradition of our history.
You are a great American…I encourage you, I believe in you.
You are capable. You are a force to be reckoned with.
We have much work to do.
You are the best! You are a Warrior for Good!
Stay strong and be courageous. 

PJTN is on the frontlines of education in America 2020. Our “Taking Back America’s Children” campaign is gaining national attention and momentum. Learn more at www.pjtn.org

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Thank you for being by my side in the battle!



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