Minnesota, it's time to step and LEAD. We've got your back!

As Minnesota parents grapple over the logistics of schools reopening, the city of Minneapolis moves to dismantle its police force and rumors abound that Antifa and the strong Muslim community plan to align to “police Minneapolis under Muslim rule (SHARIA).” Could we have ever imagined this scenario just a few short months ago?

The Minneapolis City Council voted in July to abolish the city’s police force with only sketchy details of what alternative might be put in place to protect their citizens. “Community resources” might be mobilized was one hint from city leadership. What would “community” look like (Black Hawk Down?) when you consider that the 5th District that sent Ilhan Omar to Congress is the recognized terror recruitment capital of the United States, aka Little Mogadishu? Would a community police system put any priority in stopping Muslims from engaging in jihad activities? Not likely since enforcing Sharia Law—which may be looming as Minneapolis’ next step in lieu of a real protection force is dedicated to the idea that Sharia Law must be imposed in America and it calls for Muslims to wage war and subjugate unbelievers.

The perfect storm for Sharia enforcers to align with the far-left Antifa recruiters may be here. The unholy alliance of far-left and Islamic rule over a major U.S. city may be closer than any of us think.

It’s hard to believe what we are seeing in America in 2020. How could this happen on our watch?

As warned, America has lost over four decades of well informed, patriotic young Americans to the ills of American education—and lack of it. History, civics, critical thinking all have been sacrificed at the altar of “social justice” while America’s children have been systemically programmed, drugged and exposed to the lies and propaganda of curriculum infiltrated by our country’s worst foreign enemies.

While America slept, an insidious plan to rob our nation of its future leadership was played out in the U.S. Educational System. Textbooks are devoid of truth on the history of America.  Carefully crafted messaging that included anti-American, anti-Judeo Christian and antisemitic content became the designated drop off destination from the friendly yellow school bus for countless millions of children “kissed goodbye” by caring parents. We have quite literally “kissed our children goodbye.” Look into American streets over the past several weeks. This is the tragic harvest produced from the seeds of our neglect. Our children now march behind placards whose agenda they don’t even fully comprehend as filled with evil and death for the very nation their grandparents died on foreign soil to preserve for them. They demand “social justice” for causes backed by terrorism. They demand freedom from capitalism with no knowledge from history of what vile bands of bondage on humanity and freedom Marxism and Communism will enact in their own lives and those of their future children and grandchildren. While we slept, America, our educational system willingly and knowingly fulfilled their role of “evil shepherds” over the flock of children entrusted to them, carefully grooming the “sheep mentality” within a generation—the kind of mentality needed to radically transform America into willingly giving up freedoms and values on a soon to be determined dark day.  Did they succeed? Look in America’s streets in 2020, and you will find the answer.  Look at Minnesota.

What can you do?

  • Register to vote.
  • Learn the candidates and what they represent. Marxist and socialists—must be thwarted at the ballot box.
  • Wake up all in your sphere of influence and convince them to vote “American values.”
  • Become an “engaged citizen” on the local and national levels. Only you can protect the ideals you value.
  • Demand reforms in American education. Start in your community by being aware of and involved with local school boards, PTA’s — every avenue of engagement.
  • Consider running for local office — PTA, school board, local politics — all change begins at the community level.
  • Start local support groups or join them to band with other Americans that share your values and concerns.
  • Take an active part in what your children are learning. Consider homeschooling if at all possible as a long term commitment.
  • America’s school system must be dismantled and rebuilt — Common Core must go — or America’s children must find alternative resources. 

PJTN has less than 90 days before Americans go to the polls. 90 days to impact change with our “Taking Back America’s Children” campaign. The future of our children and grandchildren will be sealed in 90 days when the ballots are counted. Please share our message and please take part!  

Your support of PJTN — both in messaging and in our financial needs — is crucially needed. 

Every dollar will be used to secure that your voice and your faith and values continue to have a place in America!


YOUR VOICE—YOUR VOTE –they are both crucial in 2020! 



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