Hypocritical next Gen hatred must be condemned


Today’s video message produced by the “PJTN Next Gen” production team was created to educate viewers on the “behind the scenes” influences of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement— a movement where no ideological voice of influence is any more powerfully heard than that of Louis Farrakhan who for decades has been unbridled in his hatred for America, Israel and the Jews. He is, of course well documented and recognized as the leader of the Nation of Islam, an organization described as a black nationalist hate group.

It should give us pause to learn from this video of his belief that his three rabidly antisemitic books should be fixtures in America’s classrooms. The materials of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ study curriculum already being planned for introduction to our children bear the recognizable fingerprints of bias and vile hatred of Farrakhan veiled under the scant robe of “social justice” and the need for racial reform in America. Farrakhan’s views of the Jews as “termites” and “Satan” have reached a new generation of major name devotees at high levels of Hollywood, sports, media—and of course with the top ranks of the BLM movement.

In a contradiction to BLM’s social justice mission, the organization’s founder, Patrisse Cullors has falsely accused Israel of ethnic cleansing against the Palestinians. The Movement leaders have asserted that Israel commits genocide and apartheid. She has claimed to have witnessed firsthand the brutality that Israel has levied against Palestinians and has offered the opinion that the BLM Movement can benefit from teaming in support of the oppressed Arabs. While supporting the efforts of the Arabs to expel Jews from their indigenous homeland, promised to them by God, BLM has deemed the self-determination of the Jews to create a national homeland “a crime.” We are witnessing scenes of violence and destruction in America that are being lifted directly from the pages of the Farrakhan playbook. As BLM supports Palestinian interests, its disciples in the U.S. have mounted antisemitic attacks in the streets of America in record numbers. Attacks against Jews—a mere 2% of our population—now comprises a full 50% of the religious-based hate crimes we are seeing in 2020.

In an upside-down world of “good is evil and evil is good” — let us not forget the history that Marxism is quickly trying to erase in America. There is a shared history of Jewish support for the black community. The truth still remains that black soldiers were vital in the liberation of the Holocaust concentration camps. Jewish refugee Albert Einstein taught at historically black colleges and universities throughout his teaching career. The Jews took an active part in the Civil Rights Movement — marching with Dr. King to honor the Jewish sense of “Tzedek,” meaning justice in Hebrew. No one people can understand the yoke of bondage more than the Jewish nation.

Let me be clear: Not only does anti-Zionism equal antisemitism, but it also equals racism—the exact evil that the BLM and leftist progressives avow they stand against.  While black lives certainly matter, any movement that excludes or seeks to disavow Israel and the Jewish people doesn’t deserve our support. It deserves condemnation.

Clearly no freedom-loving American who values justice can condone police brutality. All should oppose any form of racism against black Americans. By the same token, we should not and must not condone a hate group in the guise of social justice that is promoting Jew-hatred. We must not allow another generation of Americans—black or white—to fall under the dark shadow of the influence of Louis Farrakhan’s voice.

Your response to our online petition supporting Sen. Tom Cotton’s “Saving American History Act of 2020” Bill preventing the 1619 Project curriculum of revisionist history being funded K-12 — is ongoing and vital! We must be the watchmen at the door of our children’s classrooms and the gate of their schools. 

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