NEA is pushing antisemitic BLM & Sex to U.S. kids? What???

Not unexpectedly in the current school crisis, the California educational system is setting standards in their seeming commitment to further distort the lives of America’s children and these United States.

 “The lawless man is a man of iniquity: He goes forth with distortion of the mouth” 

Proverbs 6:12

I must preface all by first saying the annual July convention of the National Association of Educators (NEA) has wrapped up. This year—although limited to virtual meetings, the assembly adopted hundreds of new business items, most of which had nothing to do with traditional education or the benefit of our children, as parents might hope. Billing itself on its website as “the world’s largest democratic deliberative body,” the almost three million-strong coalition of America’s teachers is “democratic” in the truest sense of the word. Sealing their union vote and millions of dollars of support money for the Democrats in 2020 was a top mandate before the closing virtual gavel feel.

Let’s look at what else NEA supports: Sanctuary cities, abolishing ICE, defunding police forces in major cities across America, supporting radical, antisemitic Black Lives Matter (BLM) training in racial indoctrination K-12, gender equality and the normalization of childhood gender selection (children now have a staggering assortment of 52 gender IDs to identify with) among their many other far left-leaning agendas. For decades NEA has bound and gagged the efforts of truly dedicated educators in their midst while using their membership dues to fund full-term abortions. The union stands avowed in opposition to the foes of homophobia, transphobia and capitalism. While those overseeing our kids’ classrooms or virtual learning in 2020 are being pushed to establish Gay-Straight Alliance Clubs in their schools, they are also being encouraged with a wink to hold to the standards of “re-dedication to the pursuit of increased excellence in student learning in every public school, while making every educator a great educator.” Hypocrisy gone wild!

Enter NEA’s latest full-on assault through the classroom—this time to sexualize our children. Leading the charge are union organizations fronted by “teachers” in the deceptively named “Healthy Teen Network”— a coalition of some 180 sexual reproduction and ‘health justice’ organizations. Included in the ranks of those looking over parents shoulders to pose a concern in the best interest of the sex lives of school-aged children are the CDC (Center for Disease Control), Planned Parenthood, and the Sexuality Information & Education Council of the United States (SIECUS) whose motto is: “Sex Ed For Sex Change.” Their collective battle cry is a demand for funding and legislation for their preferred brand of sex education which they claim is a ‘human right.’ 

Fast forward to California: California Assemblywoman Shirley Nash Weber of the 79th District of San Diego and surrounding area was recently honored by the “Healthy Teen Network” for making Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE) a legal mandate in California’s public schools. A politician who secured her position thanks to the avid financial support of the NEA, all attempts to shut down her legislation were met by the stone wall of the state’s two-thirds majority Democrat vote. 

What happened to reading, writing and arithmetic?

In 2019, sex education in the U.S. became mandated on a state level. It is up to each state, district, and school board to determine the implementation of federal policy and funds. As of last year, 24 states and the District of Columbia had programs. While claiming to present a curriculum that “aims to give students the knowledge, attitudes, skills and values to make appropriate and healthy life choices,” there’s a much darker presence behind the mask of both the CSE and Healthy Teen Networks. Being forced to accept perversion as “the norm”  is not the education of choice most parents would make for the children. Forced storytime readings presented to kindergarteners by a friendly drag queen are not educational moments that belong in American schools—in the very buildings where mention of God and prayer is not allowed! 

While American parents are trying to protect their children from online perverts, lurid pornography sites and strangers offering candy, the educational experts are lobbying for government-run schools to give sexual perversion the green light in our American education. The Healthy Teen Network coalition has a 2020 goal to be in all 50 states, U.S. territories and the District of Columbia. 

We cannot allow this to happen. 

Our Founding Fathers never intended that our schools be controlled by the government or by union forces. We should take great hope with the recent Supreme Court decision to permit religious schools to benefit from private school choice options. We must pray, seek God’s wisdom and take this time to make informed choices of what the new school year will look like for our children and grandchildren!. We must stand for our values in our educational system!

PJTN is committed to reform in education—the curriculum, the content and the delivery of educational values for our next generation of leaders in America! With less than 100 days left until the November elections, we must marshal support for those who represent the values about which our nation was built — “ground up” from our local school district to our broader community, to our state, to our national leadership. Become familiar and let your voice be heard!

Please consider your best gift of support today! 

We are weekly pushed to the limit to keep up with all the demands of this time of crisis in America and never has our work been more critical!

It is only with your support that we can accomplish all the challenges set before us.


Thank you for your support and prayers.



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