California DOE uses tax-dollars to peddle propaganda in classrooms

The carnage that’s happening in the educational system in California should come as no surprise. It should come as a warning to all Americans.

Having been on the frontlines at PJTN for over a decade in sounding the alarm on the Middle Eastern influence and money that had infiltrated U.S. textbooks and curriculum, the commitment to “multiculturalism” that has now overtaken K-12 education in America comes as the next step of progression in overturning our nation through our children. The Middle Eastern and foreign investors in large textbook publishers like the main offender—Pearson Publishing—are interweaving both propaganda and nuance not only to preach hatred of America, the Jews and Israel but also to proselytize converts for Islam.

Fast forward to California in 2020. Concerned about appearing “intolerant” and politically incorrect, and deeply rooted in leftist bias in curriculum, the California Dept. of Education presents a vivid picture of why young people have been inbred with a hatred for America with the “Ethnic Studies” model of the curriculum they’ve pushed to be approved for adoption in a number of school districts. The model had previously come under fire for rabid antisemitism and anti-Israel propaganda. In the fog of COVID-19 confusion and absentee balloting, a group called the “Save California Ethnic Studies,” has pushed through the approval of more than a dozen school districts to affirm their support of the “Ethnics Study” model to be taught to the children this coming school year.

The materials being taught should concern every American. With an eye towards the “culturally correct” involvement of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) Movement, a section of “Arab American Studies” contains a number of passages related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict—under headings such as “Direct Action Front For Palestine And Black Lives Matter;” “Call to Boycott, Divest, and Sanction Of Israel” and “Comparative Border Studies: Palestine & Mexico.

Not surprisingly, positive character profiles of national figures such as Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, (both avowed anti-Semites and pro-Islam supported devotees who constantly spew hatred for Israel from their platforms of influence in America’s Congress), and Women’s March leader (and Marxist devotee of Louis Farrakhan) Linda Sarsour—have replaced true heroes of American history and culture as focal points for classroom study for our next generation of young patriots.

It should come as no surprise that we are seeing the “fruit” of what has been sown in American education for sadly more than 40 years. The BLM Movement in schools is only the tip of the iceberg. Deeply rooted leftist bias, foreign anti-American influence, anti-Semitic hatred and the sheer evil of excluding God from the classrooms of America has brought us to this point. America’s children have for several decades been indoctrinated K-12—graduating from high school, colleges and universities filled with doctrines of hate for their own country and their heritage. As we watch a “lost generation” tearing down our monuments of history, could we have expected a better outcome?

PJTN is on the frontlines—California is a target state where our voice will be heard. I have written to Gov. Newsom regarding the Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum:

“As a concerned American and supporter of Israel, I am deeply troubled by the California Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum (ESMC) and truly alarmed that if AB 331 is approved by the California state legislature in the coming days, every high school student in the state will be required to take an ethnic studies course based on the ESMC before graduating. I am writing to you because I believe these concerns highlight a much deeper and graver problem, namely, the fact that an educational curriculum can be hijacked by those pushing a political and hateful agenda. If not addressed, this problem threatens to undermine not only the current effort to develop an ethnic studies model curriculum but all other curricular efforts undertaken by the Department of Education. In order to prevent such abuse and the extremely harmful consequences that will ensue from it, I believe safeguards must be put in place before any state-mandated curriculum is adopted for use in California classrooms.”

We will organize in view of the recent developments and put the full weight of PJTN behind a campaign to stop the use of this course material in Fall 2020.

PJTN Watchmen—Christians, Jews, American patriots, lovers of Israel—people of good moral conscience—we must at this moment in history stand-up, speak out and turn the tide in this nation!

What can you do?

  • Register to vote and make sure you vote in the November election. This is a critical election that holds the future of America in the balance.
  • Challenge for the removal of leadership on the national and local levels. Governors, mayors—those who do not uphold our Constitution or reflect the values of our nation as “one nation under God” should be recalled from seats of authority. We have seen examples of such individuals in leadership over the past weeks and those under their authority have suffered the consequences.
  • Contact us at to get further support and information on the recall process in your state.

We are in a crucial season where our voices must be heard in the local school districts and the city square in the town where we live, and in the ability as Americans to cast our vote for our national values of God and country. We have read history books. We have seen the desolation of nations and cultures overtaken and left on the dust heap of ruin. This is not our vision for America and we must not let it become the reality of the once-great nation that hangs in the balance of being only a memory to our children and grandchildren.

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