Laurie launches campaign to confront Black Lives Matter

The world is burning out of control and our nation is unrecognizable. With local governments refusing to protect their citizens, chaos is erupting with no end in sight.

PJTN is mobilizing at a moment in history when too many voices are silent.

As America is in turmoil, antisemitism the world over is at an alarming level as we read this week of an “Evangelical Christian” pastor in Brazil leading his congregation in prayer that God would send a second Holocaust to annihilate the Jews! How can this kind of hatred be veiled as “Christianity” in our modern world you might ask? One tragic answer: When hatred is fueled by ignorance, and in the case of the Pastor, biblical ignorance, and we allow our children to be indoctrinated with propaganda and revise U.S. history, our children will believe the disinformation because of the misinformation taught in America's classrooms.

We are seeing it today in the streets of America as young people march without direction behind a cause they are clueless about. Tearing down every monument in America in an attempt to rewrite our history. It is eerily reminiscent of past attempts at destroying biblical holy sites in Israel by Palestinians who tried to erase biblical history in an effort to erase any evidence of the Jewish connection to Israel's ancient homeland.

I am reminded in Deuteronomy 19:14, You shall not move a boundary of your fellow, which the early ones marked out, in your inheritance that you shall inherit, in the Land [Israel] that the LORD, your God, gives you to possess.

In a January 2020 national survey released by the respected Pew Research Center, it was reported that fewer than half of adult Americans (43%) know that Hitler became the chancellor of Germany through a democratic political process. A similar share polled (45%) knew the basic history of the Holocaust, while three in ten Americans were not sure of the toll taken in lives. In a separate survey of American teens, ages 13 to 17, even lower levels of knowledge was displayed. Not surprisingly the lack of knowledge of Holocaust history was most pronounced among people ages 18 to 34. The very same age group by in large that we are seeing incinerate our cities and championing Marxism, removing any reference to our Judeo/Christian values our nation was founded upon.

I have one thing to say in response: Not on our watch!

“Ignorance” has a high cost and we are witnessing it. The vile seeds of over four decades of failure, corruption and infiltration of America’s education system by foreign enemy interests (with the mandate of the Gates Foundation, Common Core and Pearson publishers) is no coincidence as we see the fruit of a purposely under-educated, dumbed-down generation in whom we will be entrusting the welfare of the America we love and our veterans fought to preserve.

We must take back the reins!

Immediately, I am working on mobilizing Jewish/Christian clergy to speak into the vacuum that has been created by the Black Lives Matter movement and the lack of spiritual leadership and guidance from the clergy. Throughout the U.S., I have spoken with Black, White, and Hispanic leaders, as well as rabbis. We must take back the narrative and approach the issues we are facing from a biblical perspective so that we can truly seek repentance and reconciliation towards the healing of our nation and the restoration of this generation of young people.

Secondly, our PJTN team is at work researching the process of "recalling" elected officials at the local level for not upholding their oath of office in this time of crisis. Case-in-point: Minneapolis. You may not be aware, but Minnesota is one of 19 states where citizens can recall their local elected officials with enough signatures if they can prove malfeasance or nonfeasance. The requirement is to collect signatures for 25% of the total votes cast in the last election. The citizens have 90 days to collect the signatures. Given the lack of leadership by the Mayor of Minneapolis, a case can easily be made. Will it be upheld? We don't know, however, the process enables us to launch a media campaign and encourage citizens in other states across America to take action as well.

They use chaos, we'll use the Constitution!

You must be the voice in your sphere of influence. We cannot stand idly by as corrupt politicians and ideologies that do not reflect our Judeo/Christian values take over our nation and the future of our children.

As these battle plans unfold, please continue to stand with PJTN! Funds are urgently needed on all fronts—to allow us to remain at the forefront in assuring your voice and values are heard! We are launching a full website resource of video and educational materials for our PJTN Watchmen that will prove invaluable to the homeschooling of both children and adults during this challenging time.

Please consider joining us at only $20/month and become a PJTN Watchman.

Your one-time gifts and donations continue to make all we do possible.


We must “take back America’s children. Join me on the frontlines!


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