Have you heard about Pogrom in LA?!

As a special June resource to PJTN Watchmen and supports, we are offering a FREE download of our award-winning, full-length feature documentary, The Forgotten People: Christianity and the Holocaust—a film that has never been more timely as Americans struggle to home school our children in the midst of the perilous times we face.

Amid the current upheaval in American cities, antisemitism is skyrocketing. With the destruction of Jewish businesses, defacement of synagogues and schools in Los Angeles and across the country, we hear of threats to incinerate the “diamond district” in New York—an unthinkable image of vile Jew-hatred sent via Twitter by rapper Ice Cube to influence his millions of followers. I fear that these modern-day Pogroms are a new reality in America this week

President Trump has recently signed HR 943, the “Never Again Education Act,” that will authorize the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum to create educational materials about the Holocaust to be used as an educational resource with America’s educational system.

This legislation ensures that our generation, as well as future generations of American children, will know and remember the tragic history of the Holocaust and how it began amid a climate of hatred, political unrest and turmoil. 

The Forgotten People: Christianity and the Holocaust documentary we are offering you is a teaching tool for this moment in America’s history. With it, you can accurately reflect with your family and loved ones the importance of “critical thinking” and informed judgment in the face of the chaos we are facing. We must reflect accurately on how the toxic ingredients of evil and intolerance at a shameful moment in history overtook humanity and resulted in the genocide of six million Jews. We must stand to remember: “Never Again!”

The senseless taking of George Floyd’s life was a true national tragedy for all and one that we had the cruel horror of witnessing in real-time. Now, we look amid a global pandemic at riots in the streets of America, anarchy, violence against the innocent. In these perilous times, our children must be taught the lessons we have learned from past history.

Now is the time to repeat our commitment to end ALL racial hatred.  Perhaps had America’s educational system not failed so miserably over the past decades so many of our children would not now be in the streets demanding rights on issues they don’t even comprehend—and freely offering to relinquish rights that generations of Americans died to establish and protect. Hatred and ignorance go hand in hand as proven by history. We must not allow our children to be used as the pawns of special interest groups interested only in the enslavement of our liberties.

The climate of hatred is heating up. What must we do? We must not forget the past. We must teach our children to preserve our rights and liberties in the face of turmoil and the presence of “power grabs” to remove our freedoms. Above all…our children’s lives matter and must be dedicated to making a difference for good in the world they inherit.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer is remembered from the past with a clarion call for today: Silence in the face of evil is itself evil; God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.

Please download your copy of The Forgotten People: Christianity and the Holocaust here and share it this week with family and friends.
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Praying it will give you the resolve and strength to say “Never Again!” 

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Thank you for your prayers for strength for the mission ahead.  I'm praying for safety, protection and good health to you and all those you hold dear.


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