Hypocrisy! BLM is fueling antisemitism


In the wake of the tragedy that ignited riots across the nation over the last 10 days, it is made obvious once again that hatred knows no boundaries of color or culture.

Violence against the Jewish communities in the cities set ablaze has been a sadly under-reported side effect of the destruction in America we have witnessed emblazoned across every news report.

In Los Angeles, five synagogues and three Jewish schools were damaged and defaced in the Jewish-populated Fairfax areaGraffiti on the walls of the Temple Beth El synagogue read “Free Palestine” amid the profanity scrawled in spray paint.  A statue of Raoul Wallenberg, a Swedish diplomat who saved thousands of Hungarian Jews from the Nazis was covered with anti-Semitic slogans and symbols.  Across the street from the Temple in the business district of Fairfax, the kosher Mensch Bakery and the Jewish-owned clothing store next door were laid in total ruin with messages defaming Israel left behind in the destruction.

Los Angles has the second-largest Jewish population in the world—over 600,000—making it second only to New York but larger than Tel Aviv. 

The story repeated in virtually every city under attack by protesters.  Antisemitism comes to every event hatred hosts.  It is globally on the rise at such an escalating rate that little wonder it would find entry into the current political and social unrest in America.  Research has shown us that the worldwide epidemic of the age-old hatred of Israel and the Jewish people is due to a triple threat in today’s culture: extreme right nationalism, extreme left antisemitism, often in the guise of anti-Israel rhetoric, and violent Islamic radicalism.

Hatred is not born instilled in the human heart.  It is cultivated from, small seeds that are often generational and always watered by cultural bias and ignorance.

At PJTN we are dedicated to combating the hatred of antisemitism with education.  Our award-winning documentaries, our Focus On Israel programming and our on the ground campaigns such as combating the BDS Movement, advocating for the passage of Anti Semitism Awareness Act legislation in every state and reforming America’s use of textbooks that are anti-Israel and anti-American are strategic moving parts of the whole work we do in the war on antisemitism—24/7, 365.

We will next week announce a new campaign being launched by PJTN in support of President Trump’s recent signing of the groundbreaking Bill authorizing the Holocaust Memorial Museum of America to create educational materials for both students and teachers to be used within America’s educational system.

PJTN support materials being offered will ensure that future generations—our children and their children’s children—know and remember the tragic history of the Holocaust.  They can reflect accurately and process how evil and intolerance overcame humanity at a moment in history we must never allow to be repeated.  We must work to see the light of love extinguish the torch of hatred.

Thank you for your continued support of PJTN through these times of crisis.  We can only do what we do with your financial support. 

Please consider your best gift today and know that with it, your voice will be heard!



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