PJTN confronts Next-Gen antisemitism through social media

As we anticipate the coming of summer, PJTN remains on message with our long-established mandate: To educate Christians, Jews and all people of conscience on the biblical responsibility we have been given to support and love Israel and the Jewish people. Antisemitism can only be eradicated by changing the hearts and minds of those who would be in darkness and ignorance without a messenger—without PJTN.

We are continuing on target with newly produced episodes of Focus On IsraelPJTN’s award-winning, 30-minute flagship TV series.  We have just completed filming and are now editing more than a dozen new episodes that are both timely and relevant to the unique challenges our world is facing in the battle against antisemitism.  Every Focus On Israel episode is underscored by the purpose of educating our audience on truth based on solid biblical teaching to combat the alarming rise of antisemitism being seen worldwide.  Unfortunately, the lack of clear biblical teaching within today’s churches has accelerated a new generation of Christian supersessionism and replacement theology and is breeding the widespread false doctrine that the church has replaced Israel in God’s eternal covenant.

PJTN is committed to working harder than ever to ramp up production and distribution of another exciting new broadcast vehicle“micro message, culturally relevant, laser-focused educational video “shorts” targeted to deliver our mission statement to a new generation of social media viewers.  Through our “Next-Gen PJTN” project, we are bringing a message with visuals directed at millennials and Gen Z audiences in the war against antisemitism.  

Please click here to see a sample of our latest amazingly creative short-form releases.

Regretfully, due to a shortfall in our May fundraising efforts, we are forced to take an unfortunate hiatus from our Daystar TV airing schedule that has been weekly reaching a potential viewing audience of two billion viewers via satellite and broadcast outlets.  This comes at a time that the PJTN message has never been more crucial.  It is not too late to show your support of Focus on Israel.  We do have plans to be back on air and your generous support will make it possible.  In the meantime, we do have an exciting announcement coming later this week as we debut a new online platform for making our programs available to you for viewing on-demand.

Our mission statement remains the same despite all challenges.  PJTN has been blessed to welcome both Christians and Jews to work side-by-side in brotherhood, mutual respect and common commitment to eradicate age-old hatreds born so often in generational ignorance and misinformation about Israel and the Jewish people.

Here at the beginning of June as we find ourselves rising to meet the challenge of reconfiguring the 2020 budget for a return to satellite programming of Focus On Israel, I hope you will continue your commitment to stand with us with your best June gift.  PJTN programming is unique in Christian television.  We have been called to Israel and the Jewish people through God’s unconditional love for them.  

Please consider your part in our mission and know how important you are in assuring PJTN’s voice—your voice—will continue to make a difference!

  • Your generous June gift will help meet production and air time costs.  These can be daunting for a small non-profit but we are continuing to trust God for the financial blessings needed.
  • Please ask your friends to consider matching your gift—more PJTN Watchmen must be enlisted to take the message wider.
  • Please share information and post our materials to your sphere of internet/social media influence.

Please also continue to pray for our mission and message to reach minds and hearts around the world as eyes are opened to the truth of God’s love of our Jewish brethren.

Praying continued health, safety and blessings to you and all those you hold dear…


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