A world without Focus On Israel?

I am today in Nashville filming a new series of episodes of our award-winning program Focus On Israel—this by faith that we will cover all costs of production and broadcast time with Daystar TV. The message and the need for the program have never been more urgent as the COVID-19 crisis grips the world and antisemitism is rising significantly on the scale of global tracking.

Please continue to show your support, if you haven’t already done so, with your best gift today to keep Focus On Israel on the air!


We are the only Christian weekly broadcast seen globally filling the need to wage war on antisemitism through the avenue of educating our generation on God’s call to stand arm in arm with Israel and the Jewish people. Through Daystar, we weekly have the potential of reaching 2 billion viewers with our messaging—we cannot leave a void in broadcasting in this crucial hour!

When God gave me the vision to found PJTN in the dark shadows post 9/11, I knew from inception that Proclaiming Justice to The Nations would be an organization on the frontline of battle—the battle, in this case, to win a new generation of hearts and minds in support of Israel and the Jewish people. The battle against antisemitism has raged for the millennia since God’s original unbreakable, forever covenant with Abraham. The Jewish people have since tragically suffered thousands of years of captivity, exile, persecution and martyrdom for their faith—much of it unfortunately under the too often cruel reigns of Christianity.

The daily battles undertaken at PJTN are not for the faint of heart! Our well-researched documentation is concerned with exposing the truth by singling out the perpetrators of hatred of Israel and the Jewish people who are impacting the world from every direction—college campuses, K-12 textbooks, medicine, entertainment, business, news media and of course, perhaps the biggest war-front: the pulpits in American Christian churches. Christian antisemitism is the most insidious as Replacement Theology and “Supersessionism” are rampant in today’s religious culture.

My touchstone of measuring success on how PJTN and Focus On Israel are impacting has come to be guided, ironically by the volume of hate mail that I receive weekly. The responses have been off the chart on subjects such as the call for Ilhan Omar’s removal from Congress, the campaign to call-out and combat Rick Wiles' vile anti-semitic radio rants and, most recently, PJTN’s news report on how Israel and the Jews are being widely blamed for the global pandemic.

Here’s just a sample of recent greetings from my PJTN inbox:

Jews create their own problems, then they try to cover it up.

You are running a hate group.

You are wrong with your Zionist false doctrines.

The State of Israel actively persecutes, steals from and harms Palestinian Christians—how dare you defend them!

Obviously, we are hitting a nerve with Focus On Israel!

Next week, I’ll share some of the amazing comments of gratitude I’ve received from viewers around the globe—how they have been enlightened and mobilized through our weekly series. We are fulfilling our mandate to educate, motivate and activate Christians, Jews and all people of conscience to fulfill God’s biblical mandate to come alongside our Jewish brethren with only two agendas: love and support.

Our May financial outreach to fund broadcasting on Daystar TV continues and I want to thank everyone who has donated!

We are still far from the goal, but confident on the move forward. If you haven’t yet given, please consider your best gift today. We can only do what we do with your support.


Please keep PJTN in your prayers. You and the blessing of all you hold dear are in our prayers…


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