PJTN Watchmen are taking a stand!

I want to reach out and personally thank each and every one of you, my dear friends, who since last week’s appeal have responded with your very generous and appreciated gifts of support towards Focus On Israel remaining on-air with Daystar TV.

If you haven’t already given—please know this week is yet another opportunity!


Please prayerfully consider being a special part of Focus On Israel as a May donation partner. We need to raise many more dollars to make our first level goal of $45,000 to cover broadcast time and production costs due on May 31.  We are an army on the march and we must not fail on this important call from God.  Media and truth through PJTN programming must be synonymous as a shining remnant of hope to viewers worldwide who are being moved towards disinformation, lies and deception on virtually every TV channel across every dial around the world.

Even as recently as this week, controversy has raged over another Christian broadcaster, GODTV making a decision to air missionary content in Israel focused specifically at converting Jews to Christianity.  At a time when global antisemitism is engulfing the world, this platform should be better used in the PJTN model with our programming of Focus On Israel—a focus of teaching Christians about their biblical responsibility to stand with our Jewish brethren and the State of Israel.  Instead, they have chosen to stand on the wrong side of history, empowering the grip of Christian antisemitism with the potential of yet another line drawn In the sand.

Unfortunately, Christian history with the Jews is replete with centuries-long examples of Christians regrettably forcing their doctrinal views on Jews; either through well-documented unthinkable persecutions or with a disingenuous smile.  We must turn our energy towards educating Christians on the biblical mandates God has given us to be His embrace of brotherhood to the Jewish people.

Through Focus On Israel programming, PJTN represents a new generation of support for Israel.  In recent decadesmillions of Christians have felt the call to stand with the State of Israel and the Jewish people with no hidden agenda. Our only mandate to the Jewish people is to love and support them because they are God's chosen people.  Any attempts to convert Jews or downgrade their religion will only sow undue hatred at a time when we must unite as Christians and Jews to overcome the face of darkness.

Our presence on the Christian broadcasting platform has never been more crucial as the global rise of antisemitism can only be held back by one forceLOVE.

Educated Christians, Jews and all people of good conscience who love Israel and the Jewish people are the greatest battle-ready foes of antisemitism as they will stand united to shout with one voice “NEVER AGAIN!” in the vile and hideous face of hatred!  Only love and acceptance can be effective to push the darkness. 

This is the kind of “equipped with love readiness” your gift makes possible in supporting our programs to educate, motivate and activate viewers globally to be equipped and found ready to stand for Israel and the Jewish brethren during this crucial hour of decision in this, our generation.

Thank you again for those who have given your gift!  Know that God will surely count your voice and your support of Focus On Israel as "righteousness” as He tells us in speaking of Israel in Genesis 12:3 ”I will bless those who bless you….”  

Please prayerfully consider your part with PJTN on the march forward!  

Your gift will matter and your voice will be heard—both in heaven and on earth! 


My prayers are with you and all those you hold dear…and remember: there is no “distance” in unity!


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