Was Israel's Rebirth Foretold By The Prophets?

The sirens have been heard during the past few hours once again over the land of Israel.  This week not in the dreaded alert of missile attack but to commemorate the blood and treasure that have been invested in Israel’s freedom.  Today marks the continuation of the two-day Memorial Day-Independence Day observation that began Monday evening with a one-minute siren and a ceremony at the Western Wall. 

This year is a particularly solemn year as amid the social lockdown being observed throughout the country.  For the first time, the more than 23,000 heroes individually remembered and honored as Israel’s fallen will not have the tribute of families to gather at their graveside in remembrances of the tremendous cost Israel has paid both for its freedom and its very existence.  This year’s national reading of the names of Israel’s fallen will total 23,816 lives remembered for their sacrifice.  As families are on lockdown, left only with technology, grief will be more isolated without the comfort of the community.

The Jewish people as tribal people have a deep and profound understanding of both life and death. Every death is, after all, more than a statistic.  It represents a mother, father, son, daughter—a family member—each loss fully embodies the concept that all Jews are responsible for one another.

Things are different this year in Israel, as they are all over the globe.  There are no lavish gatherings on Independence Day—no joyous street parties that mark the annual observation. There will be other years and other celebrations.  This year what shines most brightly is the resilient Jewish spirit to survive and thriveto find medical innovations to cure the world and to perform single acts of kindness within the Jewish State—acts that reach out to touch the world—that will preserve the nation of Israel and help it emerge stronger and more unified after this crisis subsides—able more than ever to sing “Am Yisrael Chai!”

Please join me and the PJTN staff in prayer and remembrance of Israel during this important week. While circumstances have brought separation over recent weeks, we must use this time as a reason to grow closer together—as Christians and Jews and as a unified people who love and celebrate freedom.

Thank you for your ongoing support of PJTN through these challenges days!  Thank you, too, for the communications of prayers and encouragement I am receiving daily from our family of PJTN Watchmen.  Our message continues to reach new levels and new audiences—in spite of all challenges.

This weekend I had the privilege of being on the Fox News Channel on Sunday morning to talk about the importance of waking up America to the dangers of indoctrination that live unchecked within our educational system.  I will be talking more about this on our weekly “PJTN Town Hall" webinar this Thursday, April 30th at 7:30 PM ET / 6:30 PM CT.  Please make a priority to join us and extend the invitation to all parents and grandparents within your circle of influence—the message is vital!  

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