On Sunday, April 26th, at 3:00 pm EST, we will join the Combat Anti-Semitism Movement (CAM) in hosting a digital event, "A Year Since Poway: Lessons from the Synagogue Shooting Heard Around the World.”

Join us as we commemorate the one-year anniversary of the deadly shooting at the Chabad of Poway Synagogue during the last day of Passover. We will honor the memory of Lori Gilbert-Kaye, who was tragically killed in the attack and hear from brave survivors of the shooting who helped prevent further bloodshed as the shooting unfolded. 

After Pittsburgh, Poway, Halle, and Jersey City, and other incessant physical and online attacks against Jews, has global antisemitism reached a new normal?  How is it that Jews and Israel are being blamed for the current pandemic?  Why are synagogues and Jewish institutions around the world still being targeted with hate despite most of the world is on lockdown?

This virtual event will feature diplomats, local government officials, security experts and Jewish leaders, who will discuss these and other important and relevant questions. We will receive a behind-the-scenes look into the concerted government and civic society response over the last year to enhance security and protect Jews from the global rise in antisemitism.   

Most importantly, learn what you can do to stand up and be part of the solution.   

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