Just when we think 21st-century antisemitism and hatred of Israel can’t possibly morph into yet another hideous form, enter the just published new edition of the “bible” being presented by the Danish Bible Society.  This bible arrives complete with several surprise “twists” that God obviously forgot to inspire the prophets within the original edition.

For starters, a need was seen to enlist a name change from the “New Testament” to the “New Agreement” or Bible 2020 as referred to by the publisher.  The Old Testament—the Torah and the Books of the Prophets as found in traditional Bibles are totally missing.

Even more glaring… all references to Israel—both as the people and the place God chose to make a covenant with—are completely omitted in what remains of the New Testament.  In all passages, the word “Israel” is either replaced with “Jews” or the term “land of the Jews” or not replaced with an alternative term.  The publishers at the Danish Bible Society justified the omission by claiming that the “Israel” referred to in the Bible is not the same as the Israel of today.  Not surprising is that the reference to “Egypt” today remains in the text as relevant to ancient Egypt despite the fact today’s borders and ethnic composition are significantly different today in modern times.

Frightening enough this piece of antisemitic heresy ever came off a printing press, but more alarming is the notation from the publisher that the “New Agreement” has already been downloaded for sale to readers in more than 90 nations.  A spokeswoman noted the launch as a “great move towards the global church.”  Can we say, “blatant end times persecution of Israel and the Jewish people?”

Surrounded as the world is with the current crisis of a pandemic, we face even more sinister unseen enemies in the spiritual realm.  And some of the enemies have ‘a face.'  The Danish Bible Society is under the umbrella of the Evangelical Lutheran Church—a strong false prophet proponent of “supersessionism” which teaches that modern-day Christianity has replaced Israel and the Jewish people with whom God made His covenant.  They have been in great measure responsible for the current teaching of “replacement theology, a false teaching that has proven to be the greatest root of modern antisemitism in America when preached from hundreds of pulpits to unsuspecting congregations who are ill-informed on God’s truth.  In fact, the Evangelical Lutheran leadership in recent months has accused Israel of using the Old Testament and Torah as an intentional manipulation of sacred texts with which to justify a political agenda.  At a recent leadership gathering another high ranking Lutheran pastor in leadership made the claim, “it was not the Lord God who promised Israel their land, it was Lord Balfour.”  He went on to state, “Jesus was a Middle Eastern Palestinian Jew.”

Obviously, in excluding the Old Testament from their new edition, God’s command from Deuteronomy 4:1-2 was dangerously overlooked:  Now, O Israel, listen to the statutes and the judgments which I teach you to observe, that you may live and go in and possess the land that the Lord God of your fathers is giving you. You shall not add to the word which I command you, nor take from it, that you may keep the commandments of the Lord your God, which I command you.                                     

We at PJTN must speak out and express our outrage and encourage other Christians to join us!  I will be launching a national media campaign to express opposition to the “New Agreement” and expose the antisemitic agenda surrounding it. 

What can you do?  

I encourage all PJTN Watchmen to express their outrage directly to the publisher at the Danish Bible Society.

You can address emails to bibelselskabet@bibelselskabet.dk.  Please also copy usinfo@pjtn.org, on your thoughts as we will share them at PJTN.  I encourage you to let your voice be heard!

Thank you for all you do! Your continued support keeps us on the frontlines in the global battle against antisemitism.
Your donations make all we do possible.


At PJTN, we were born for “such a time as this.”  Not to remain sheltered in place, or remain silent before our enemies, both seen and unseen, but to run boldly into the battle, to rush towards the roar of hatred and antisemitism and to stand side-by-side as Christians and Jews committed to a higher purpose in the new reality that lies ahead for our world.  

I prayerfully hope that God will bless you and yours with health and safety and that you will continue to stand with me.


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