On behalf of our PJTN staff, Board of Directors, Advisory Board and each of our valued volunteers, I would like to extend love and prayers to you in this memorable Passover season.
As the entire world around us teeters on uncertainty, this year as never before we are experiencing the incredible depth and meaning of the first Passover.  As we are separated this week too often from those whose seats are empty at our tables, may we be warmed in knowing there is no real separation in the love that beats within the human heart for family and friends.  As Christians and Jews alike, we are brethren under the promises to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and the doorposts of our hearts and homes signal we are marked for protection as God’s own servants.  We together will honor this year’s celebration of Pesach and give thanks to God for the safety and health of those we love.  
Please join me in prayer for Israel, healing for our world, and for wisdom for global challenges to be solved and God’s children—both Christians and Jews—to pass safely through this storm to cross into the Land of Promise and to come.
We must continue our work while it is still light.  Thank you for your support, friendship and dedication.  Both for Passover and the celebration of life on Resurrection Day this coming weekend, may each heart be warmed and encouraged by love.

Shalom and blessings to each home and heart…

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