I’m looking forward to being back with you live later today for our second PJTN online Zoom meeting as response still continues to come in from our initial live event last week. Again tonight we will be exploring the new challenges of homeschooling in the coronavirus age we suddenly find ourselves in. I hope you’ll share the invitation to join with every parent and grandparent whose relationship you value.

You can, in fact, share this link for them to register to be a part of tonight’s call:

In the midst of needing to suddenly re-arrange our lives for this new reality, God is bringing blessing and order where otherwise there might be only chaos. I am hearing from many parents inspired by the new opportunities they have to really connect with their children and of finding creative ways to instill important values and spiritual truth into their lives. Unfortunately, as we have long known through our own research, America’s educational system has been failing our children for decades and this unique moment in time is giving an invaluable “re-set” of which we must take full advantage. PJTN can and will be a tremendous inspiration and practical resource to you as you navigate homeschooling.

As I prep to share information with you on tonight’s Zoom call, work has not ceased for a moment at PJTN! With staff working virtually, we remain linked arm-in-arm on the daily ongoing war we are waging against antisemitism. As a continuation of Rick Wiles' vicious personal attacks upon me, his threat of lawsuits against PJTN and his allegations that “the Jews are responsible for the CONVID-19 virus,” just yesterday I had the opportunity of doing an on-air interview with a major mainstream talk radio program that broadcasts from Las Vegas. Both the producer and on-air personality of this particular show are Jewish and had already themselves been made aware of the vile antisemitic hatred being broadcast by Wiles on his own radio program. What a powerful platform to reach a whole new audience of potential support for our messaging!

You can hear my entire interview here:

Please consider your best gift this week—and please join me and your fellow PJTN family members for the Zoom call this afternoon at 7:30 PM ET/6:30 PM CT.


PJTN remains at the forefront in media and messaging during these times of change. Like all small nonprofits, we are dependent on the support of those who share our mission. I know perhaps now as never before giving is “sacrificial” for many so we are grateful and prayerful for the strong community of supporters that surround us!

Blessings over your day—we will talk soon!


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