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  • donated 2021-10-06 10:21:58 -0500

    Urgent Call From Laurie --"Stand With Me!"

    We have reached a critical moment at PJTN.

    Our message has never been more needed at a time when our financial resources are stretched to the breaking point.

    I am putting out an urgent call to all PJTN Watchmen and donors:  Please commit to stand with me over the next three months with your most generous financial gift. 

    We need $300,000 between now and the end of year in order to keep operation of “Taking Back America’s Children” as well as Holocaust Education, textbook reviews, and PJTN’s ongoing media voice for Israel and the Jewish brethren in place and making a difference. 

    We have been on the frontlines tirelessly in the push back to preserve our liberty, our freedom, and our children amid the relentless crush to rewrite our history. overtake our schools, and cancel God and country as we know it.

    The America we wake up in tomorrow depends on what we are willing to defend today!


  • Ilhan Omar must be removed from Congress!

    56,601 Signatures
    Goal: 100,000 Signatures

    Could Ilhan Omar be described as a literal “Muslim Brotherhood Collaborator” and a cultural villain to America and our children’s next-gen mindset? I think so…and we must not allow it!

    Long an openly virulent anti-Semite, just last week she flooded major national media by equating America and Israel to Hamas and the Taliban. Indefensible as it equates the two greatest world democracies that govern by the rule of law to two contemptible “hate regimes” that engage in bloodshed and terrorism. It’s just her latest attempt to influence a new reign of Jew-hatred in America with a new generation of Americans.

    Tragic that anti-American, anti-Semitic,  anti-Judeo-Christian voices are given an amplified megaphone—much less from the steps of Congress—where she has been voted into power over a land she despises by a culture of people she hates.

    This is an immigrant American who repays the opportunity of freedom with a virulent hatred for Israel and America. One who supports the BDS Movement, belittles the Holocaust, mainstreams anti-Americanism, seeks the financial destruction of Israel and works openly as a subversive force to destroy America from within. And yet she sits in a seat of power on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, dealing with sensitive intel on both the Middle East and American interests while having proven ties with CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Where is the outrage? Why is a call not being demanded by the Justice Dept. to launch an investigation of the possible national security violations on Omar’s links to terrorist groups? Her voice should be vilified not amplified!

    YOU and I have a voice as well! I am calling upon all within the voice of PJTN—Christians, Jews and all Americans of good conscience, to sign PJTN’s petition to remove Ilhan Omar from Congress. We have 55,000 signatures to date and are targeting the 100,000 mark in June. PJTN is demanding her removal from Congress.

    Sign the petition, share it with your friends and your social media world. We must take a stand. Help us get to 100,000 signatures!

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