The Work Continues – Present Initiatives

The Work Continues – Present Initiatives

NRB: The National Religious Broadcasters

The NRB Convention has become the premier event each year to increase our support from the Christian broadcast community. As a result, in 2013, PJTN was able to attract several new broadcasters such as WND-TV, The Hebraic Roots Network (HRN), and the Total Living Network (TLN). These outlets are now broadcasting and net-casting our documentaries and our Focus on Israel programs. The 2014 event featured the U.S. premiere of PJTN’s newest documentary, Israel Indivisible: The Case For The Ancient Homeland. As in the past, PJTN provided this fresh content for those who distributed The Forgotten People: Christianity and the Holocaust and the Focus on Israel programs as well as to new broadcasters attending the premiere event. Speakers for the event included nationally syndicated radio talk show host Michael Medved, Rabbi Jonathan Hausman and Annette Garcia, President of Son Broadcasting. Planning and logistics for the 2015 event will begin in May 2014 in order to create another moving and educational event.


Laurie has also been seen and heard by millions of people on Christian television and radio expressing the importance of Christians to support Israel and the Jewish people. She has appeared on over 120 TV and radio programs this year, including Fox News programs. This included Fox and Friends and the Hannity show. Additionally, PJTN’s website is visited by Christians from 119 countries around the globe. We also continue to grow and make new inroads in the world of social media as well with the Facebook, Twitter and YouTube/Vimeo/ROKU sites becoming more popular each passing week.

ISRAEL INDIVISIBLE: Documentary film

Thanks to the financial support of Dr. Irving & Cherna Moskowitz, Dr. Shmuel & Evelyn Katz, and Doyle & Barbara Rogers, we were able to complete production of a landmark documentary, Israel Indivisible: The Case For The Ancient Homeland. Israel Indivisible is a documentary that tells the story of Israel and the Jewish people as seen and heard through the lives and voices of the people who lived and died to establish and hold the land God calls His. Following the early yearnings for Zion in the Diaspora, to the search and yearning for peace today, the film examines the many political twists and turns that make Israel the world’s most controversial nation.  At the center of all of this history is a group of people who are agreeably the worlds most persecuted. The story of the many is tied together in the story of the one and that one is Israel. Like the legendary Trojan Horse, Israel Indivisible: The Case For The Ancient Homeland will emotionally reach into the heart in order to transform the mind. In November of 2013, PJTN premiered Israel Indivisible: The Case For The Ancient Homeland at Ariel University in Israel to an overwhelming response. This groundbreaking film provides another educational tool as it examines the historical, archaeological, legal and biblical evidence for the ancient and modern state of Israel. The U.S. premiere of Israel Indivisible met with critical acclaim at the NRB Convention. The broadcasters in attendance reacted with enthusiasm and many are interested in distributing the film to their audiences. Israel Indivisible was awarded the 2014 Telly Award in the Documentary Film category.

FOCUS ON ISRAEL – News and Information Series

Thanks to the support of Dr. Shmuel & Evelyn Katz, Dr. Robert “Bob” Shillman and Barbara & Doyle Rogers, the idea of PJTN creating and producing a 30-minute ‘news and information’ show hit a huge grand slam. In 2011, thirty-six Focus on Israel episodes were produced and broadcast in 150 countries through God’s Learning Channel (GLC). The informative 30-minute program became one of the stations top rated shows. However, based on the success of the show, the need to expand the reach of the program and the desire from Christian broadcasters to air more PJTN created content, PJTN took the production of Focus On Israel in-house and leveraged our relationship with, The Hebraic Roots Network, and the Total Living Network to take our message to even more Christians and people of conscience around the globe. We are currently communicating with GOD-TV, TBN, Inspiration Network, and LeSEA Broadcasting to distribute and share our next productions.  Our plan to fund these next shows has already begun.  We are asking our major donors to help us this year in growing this critical tool for education and advocacy.


PJTN will continue to distribute films and programs in conjunction with our numerous worldwide media partners and outlets. How far we can take the new film will be dependant upon the financial support of our donors and supporters. This year we will also target the Jewish community with the Israel Indivisible film as we look to setup screenings at synagogues and Jewish centers around the country. The new documentary provides a great educational tool to both Christians and Jews alike. We believe that too many have lost their belief in their Jewish state and may not know all the facts and aspects presented in the film. In response to the continuing rise of anti-Semitism in Latin America, we are determined to widen the distribution of The Forgotten People into Spanish speaking countries. Thus, we recently completed a Spanish language version.  We are now negotiating with two overseas broadcasters to translate and introduce PJTN media into Russia and Romania. Our documentary has broadcast over satellite there in English. Unfortunately this narrows the audience in these countries where English is predominately a second language. PJTN’s activism also targets anti-Semitism on college campuses. We are very disturbed by the rapid rise in anti-Semitic activities at colleges and universities and will be joining forces with organizations such as StandWithUs. We are planning to screen our films on US campuses and make all our media assets available to Jewish and Christian organizations and students on campuses that have had anti-Semitic activity.


In 2011, PJTN’s accomplishments caught the attention of Dr. John Lupoli, director of the World Council of Independent Christian Churches (WCICC), an international coalition of churches representing over 44 million congregants. WCICC has the distinction of being designated as an accredited Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in Consultative Status in Category Two (Special Status) with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. Shortly after establishing a close working relationship between WCICC and PJTN, Dr. Lupoli appointed Laurie Cardoza-Moore as their Special Envoy to the United Nations for Middle East Affairs.  Her responsibilities include: speaking out in meetings against anti-Semitic, anti-Israel attitudes in the UN, educating Christian Ambassadors, Delegates, Staffers and NGO’s about their biblical responsibility to defend Israel, and challenging human rights abuses against Jewish, Christian and Muslim women and children as a result of the Arab spring.  PJTN is now the world’s only pro-Israel organization with the support of the NRB and access to the United Nations. Laurie learned quickly during her first year of tenure about how the United Nations treats Jewish issues and Israel when UN staff knows there is not a “Jewish” person in the room.  What makes Laurie’s tenure in this position particularly valuable is what many Christian UN staffers and NGOs tell Laurie quietly – behind the scenes – when they feel safe to talk about the anti-Semitic and anti-Israel attitudes surrounding them. As a result of Laurie’s speaking out in meetings with the Secretary General and his staff, Laurie was invited to participate as a panelist at a Muslim women’s conference to discuss the persecution of women as a result of the Arab spring.  The outcome of that conference was a resolution to recognize Muslim women and the value of their contribution relating to government policies, economic initiatives, the community and the family in Muslim countries.  The resolution was introduced at the UNHRC convention in Geneva in June of 2013.  Unfortunately, all of the Islamic member states refused to sign the resolution and condemned UNHRC for introducing such an initiative. There is still much more work to be done.  Laurie’s presence at the UN through the WCICC can help strengthen relations between Jewish, Christian and Muslim women that could impact future generations of women who are seeking freedom from oppression and violence in the Muslim world. Laurie recently met with a member of the Pontifical Council at the Vatican to petition Pope Francis to publicly condemn the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and encourage the Russian Orthodox Patriarch to do likewise. WCICC/PJTN recently hosted a conference with Latin American Ambassadors at the U.N. to discuss the rise of anti-Semitism in their respective countries and the need to stand against this growing threat to their Jewish communities and to Israel. The meeting was well attended with 55 Ambassadors, Delegates and staffers. Laurie will continue to host future conferences and develop new relationships with the leaders of nations with large Christian populations to remind them of their biblical responsibility to stand with our Jewish brethren and Israel at the UN.

TEXTBOOK INITIATIVE: K-12 Education Outreach

PJTN has taken the lead on exposing the blatant disinformation and bias in many K-12 textbooks and curriculum. The anti-Semitic, anti-Israel and anti-Western educational materials and attitudes that once were isolated to liberal universities have now trickled down into high schools and lower grades, feeding lies to our children, our grandchildren and their classmates. This K-12 initiative was recently launched in Laurie’s own backyard, Williamson County, Tennessee. When a PJTN Watchman contacted Laurie about anti-Semitic content in her son’s Human Geography textbook and handouts, Laurie attended a meeting with the faculty of the school and requested that the disputed materials be removed.  The initial request was denied and PJTN immediately started a national media campaign to expose the textbook that promoted “Palestinian suicide bombers killing innocent Israeli teenagers because of wartime retaliation against Israeli Government policies and army actions.” After further investigation, Laurie also found that the book was replete with historical inaccuracies and improper classification of Hamas and the PLO as ‘political’ organizations as opposed to terrorist groups. Laurie made an appeal to the Williamson County School Board requesting that the textbook be removed and that a full and thorough investigation be launched into other history, geography and social studies textbooks in K-12 grades.   She has also requested that the curriculum review board in Williamson County undergo training by organizations like the Simon Wiesenthal Center to ensure that the staff knows how to recognize anti-Semitic content when reviewing our student’s textbooks. FOX News, as well as other national and international media outlets picked up on the story, covering it for almost two weeks and pressure was brought to bear on the Williamson County School Board.  Also, as a result of the exposure from the FOX News segment, Tennessee Senator Bob Corker, a ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, requested a meeting with Laurie.  Laurie traveled to D.C. and met with Sen. Corker’s Foreign Relations staff on issues relating to Israel and the Middle East. The timing of the campaign was perfect. As many school districts were preparing to make their textbooks purchases, national and international media attention was focused on Pearson Publishers/Prentice Hall.  After numerous attempts were made to get a statement from Pearson concerning the bias in the textbook, Pearson quietly conceded and decided to pull the anti-Semitic statement from its online/electronic version and will now remove the controversial statement from future editions!  What a coup’! In the past six months, Pearson, whose revenues from the US market comprise 60% of their total revenue, has announced a significant decline in revenue and subsequent layoffs. PJTN is now spearheading the formation of a coalition to expose anti-Semitic, anti-American, anti-Israel, and anti-Christian content in all K-12 textbooks; particularly history and social studies books. The coalition will identify flawed textbook review procedures and recommend methods for local communities to review students’ textbooks and propose corrective legislation. Using 60 sec radio spots in Tennessee, the media campaign ramped up the stakes and gave listeners a call to action to join the fight. The spots gave information about the textbook problem and sent the listeners to the PJTN website to sign a petition. The result was two-fold, expanding the PJTN mailing list as well as helping give legislators grounds for passing new laws concerning education in Tennessee. With national coverage from Fox Media, the campaign went viral not only statewide but nationwide as well. Parents from other states contacted PJTN and requested help. We are now in the planning stage to implement the campaign nationwide as we continue the battle in Tennessee. As a result of all of PJTN’s efforts, legislation was introduced and passed in Tennessee to change the textbook selection process and to ensure that our textbooks are accurate, unbiased and reflect the Judeo/Christian values that made this nation exceptional.

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