Pathetic: Obama’s Campaign Sues To Silence Military Voters

By Western Journalism |

Western Journalism

You can’t understand the liberal mind until you understand the concept of “psychological projection”. It’s when someone has a flaw, but rather than face it, they instead suddenly see that flaw in other people who don’t have it.

For example, a racist might scream out that you’re a racist for no apparent reason. Someone who can’t stand people different than they are on any level might accuse you of being a bigot. Someone who doesn’t particularly care about helping others might call you greedy.

Now, the Democrats have shown another area where they’re projecting onto others their own personal flaws, refusing to accept basic personal responsibility for their own bad character. While bashing the common-sense requirement of requiring voters to use basic ID because it “disenfranchises” minorities somehow, Democrats have now stooped to what might be a new low. Read more…


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