Laurie Cardoza Moore

Laurie Cardoza Moore

With over twenty years experience in media, Laurie has been part of over 500 film and video productions as spokeswoman, on-screen talent and producer.  At PJTN, Laurie shares her expertise through radio & television interviews and in briefings with media and Church leaders.  Her primary engagement tool is film production and interviews.

Laurie is an accomplished advocate who has represented issues related to families, women, children, faith and country. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Laurie’s career faced a turning point on 9/11 when she decided to focus her media and lobbying expertise on American security and Israel.

Laurie has active ties to leaders and activists alike throughout the media, governmental and faith communities in the US and Israel.

After founding PJTN in 2005, Laurie co-produced ‘Lest We Forget’, a documentary short that was a featured selection at the Liberty Film Festival.   The film focuses on the history of Islamofacism and the war that the US and Israel wage against it today.

In 2007, Laurie co-produced the music video, ‘The Forgotten People’, which screened at the 11th Annual Hollywood Film Festival. It is a cry from the grave as six million Jews remind us to never forget the horrors of the holocaust and warn of the new one on the horizon.

Based on the success of the music video, she also  PJTN’s first feature-length documentary that traces the roots of anti-Semitism and rise of a “new” anti-Semitism  — a coalition of the far right, the left, and radical Islam.

As host of PJTN’s Evening of Prayer & Action at the NRB (National Religious Broadcasters Convention), Laurie stewards the donations at PJTN to impact the over 6,000 Christian global media participants in attendance.  Because of PJTN, more Christians know how to recognize and act against the ‘new’ anti-Semitism.