Gallup: Majority of millennials favorable toward Israel


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Tuesday visit with President Donald Trump was met with little-to-no noticeable demonstrations of protest. Presented in a new Gallup poll, 63 percent of adults between the ages of 18-to-29 maintain a positive opinion toward Israel.

After Israel’s last war (Operation Protective Edge) with Gaza in 2014, United States college campuses saw a drastic increase in anti-Semitic protests, vandalism, and calls for divestment.

The Anti-Defamation League calculated a 21 percent increase in anti-Semitic occurrences in 2014, and another 3 percent the following year.

The BDS movement’s demonstrations mirrored those of that many conservative advocates have experienced throughout 2016. Jewish, Israeli, and/or Zionist supporters are shouted down, harassed, and grossly interrupted while presenting on campus.

Although the boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) movement has made efforts insist on the supposed devious nature of the Jewish state, it does not look as if it has been successful.

The United States and Israel have continuously held a close relationship since Israel’s statehood.

As much as the previous administration ventured to diplomatically undermine Israel’s stability in the Middle East, it did not sway the undeniable support of the American public.
As for President Donald Trump, he has made it clear that he is looking forward to future endeavors with Israel.

“Our administration is committed to working with Israel and our common allies in the region towards greater security and stability,” he stated Wednesday. “That includes working toward a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed gratitude to Trump.

“Our alliance has been remarkably strong, but under your leadership, I’m confident it will get even stronger,” he responded to Trump. “I look forward to working with you to dramatically upgrade our alliance in every field… and I certainly welcome your forthright call to ensure that Israel is treated fairly in international forums and that the slander and boycotts of Israel are resisted mightily by the power and moral position of the United States of America.”

Israel can be most hopeful in that the millennial generation will carry same admiration for the Jewish state as previous generations have. Regardless of the many diplomatic rebukes Israel has faced over the past four years, it has maintained an approval rating of over 70 percent among young Americans.

Millennials’ positive perception of Israel will contribute to strong relations between the Americans and Israelis in the future.

Original Article: Red Alert Politics