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Proclaiming Justice to the Nations (PJTN) has produced a “docutainment” film,
BOYCOTT THIS!, which exposes the hate industry against Israel. Supporting PJTN will help win this war of lies.

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Israel and Jewish hatred has now organized and convalesced into a global movement called Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions, or simply… BDS. BDS is a global campaign that uses economic and political pressure to force Israel to comply with the stated goals of its movement. Their agenda promotes Goals that quite simply promote the delegitimization of Israel with the unstated goal…the utter and complete elimination of the State of Israel.

This PJTN film has been produced in a style called “docutainment” and examines the false and ridiculous claims against Israel using satire and humor. Much like a great story, satire and humor can work as a Trojan horse and penetrate intellectual walls. Our search for the truth is led by rising star and political humorist Brad Stine.

Embarking on a trip of discovery, Brad travels the world searching for the “facts on the ground” in the satirical attack style at which he excels.

BOYCOTT THIS! explores the issue of Israel hatred on numerous levels and from multiple directions. What would be the result if Israel actually complied with the demands of the BDS movement? What would happen if a person or company actually followed through on a boycott of Israeli goods and creations? Finally, the film highlights the many Israeli innovations and philanthropic projects that have impacted and continue to impact the lives of people around the world.

Interviews and statements from experts and celebrities build the case against the lies and smears about Israel. The anti-Semitism of those who believe in and support the BDS movement is exposed using their own words. And, in order to completely refute the hatred behind BDS, the film travels to Israel to talk with the people affected by Israel’s supposed oppression. Don’t believe us? Watch the trailer and see for yourself!

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Your donation to PJTN will fund distribution of this game-changing film to over 500 theaters and college campuses across the country, as well as to over 950 million homes and college campuses across the globe. Your donation will not only arm individuals with the ammunition they need to stand up to the BDS movement but to laugh at the lies this hateful movement spews.

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