Wheaton's Gary Burge against Israel

by Laurie Cardoza-Moore, President of PJTN |

There is a growing movement of Evangelical Christian leaders who are joining forces with Muslims in an effort to deny the eternal Covenant God made with his people and Jerusalem.  Yes, it is 2012 and many political and Christian leaders are caught in a web of deceit and are denying the historical, biblical, political and archaeological evidence of Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel and the Jewish people.

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In fact, as it was in Nehemiah’s day, we see similar events repeating themselves by those in the land today.

Sanballat the Horonite, Tobiah the Ammonite slave and Geshem the Arab  — all ridiculed Nehemiah, threatening to stop his building campaign.  But Nehemiah, who knew there was an everlasting promise to the Jewish people replied:

‘…. The God of Heaven will grant us success, and we, His servants, will arise and build – but you have no portion nor merit nor remembrance in Jerusalem!” Nehemiah 2:20

In the Bible, Jerusalem is mentioned almost 900 times.  But, it seems that the majority of teachers, professors, and political and church leaders don’t know that Jerusalem isn’t mentioned even once in the Koran!

So why the global pressure to get the Jewish people to divide Jerusalem?

Christians who are ‘post Biblical’ have opted out of God’s Word and have chosen instead the political choice of the day:  to join in with anti-Jewish forces against the state of Israel.

This is absolutely unacceptable!!  I am embarrassed more and more each day when a Christian ‘leader’ doesn’t even know that God promised Abraham the land of Israel.  Suggesting that the Jews are occupying Palestinian land is to defy the very word of God.

I am shocked by the lies and accusations being made by these same Christian leaders about Christian persecution anywhere in the land.

To know the truth:  Christian presence is dwindling in Bethlehem, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Jordan  — and it is illegal to have a Christian Bible while even visiting Saudi Arabia – all because Islam is based on conquering others in order to exist.  Extreme persecution of Christians and Jews by Muslims is at the foundation of every issue related to Israel in the Middle East.  To ignore this fact, is to ignore the Bible.

If these individuals / leaders are truly “Christians”, then why are they promoting propaganda and heresies that fly in the face of God’s Word and jeopardize the security of the Jewish and Christian populations?

Because they don’t know, don’t revere and don’t uphold God’s Word.

As Bible-believing Christians, we must not be silent at this critical hour.  We cannot allow the propaganda coming out of the Middle East to infiltrate the Christians sitting in the pews around the globe.

This summer, certain church denominations launch their annual conferences peddling their anti-Semitic propaganda – and promoting their ‘Divest Israel / Boycott Israel’ campaigns.

It is our responsibility to speak to our leadership and demand that the truth be told about what is truly going on in Israel.  We must hold these leaders accountable for promoting these heresies and propaganda.

The LORD said to Isaiah, “Upon your walls, O Jerusalem, have I posted watchmen; all the day and all the night, continuously, they will never be silent. ‘You who remind the LORD, be not silent! Isaiah 62:6

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This 60 minute film exposes the history of anti-Semitism in Christianity and uncovers the “new” anti-Semitism that is not just anti-Jewish, but anti-Israel and anti-Zionist as well.

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You will also receive our newsletters and media/action alerts to keep you informed as a “Watchman” and provide vital information that you can share with your pastor, family and friends.

God bless you and thank you for all your prayers and your willingness to stand in the gap on behalf of all Israel.


Laurie Cardoza-Moore

President & Producer, PJTN

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