TEXAS: High School Reportedly Teaches That Israel Was to Blame for Outbreak of 1948 War of Independence


From Algemeiner:

A public high school in Texas reportedly offered a tenth-grade lesson on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that claimed the 1948 War of Independence was precipitated by the fact that “Jews do not want two states,” the Elder of Zion blog reported.

The line was allegedly included in a Bellaire High School (located in the Houston area) slideshow presentation on “decolonialization,” in a slide titled, “The Solution????”

Einat Wilf, a former member of Knesset and outspoken defender of Zionism, dismissed the claim as “simply false.”

“The Zionist leadership clearly accepted and said yes to the United Nations 1947 partition resolution,” Wilf told The Algemeiner, adding that those at the helm did so “despite all the drawbacks,” which included “receiving only half of what was initially promised by the 1922 Mandate of the League of Nations (the predecessor to the UN), mostly desert, without Jerusalem (that is without the ‘Zion’ in ‘Zionism’) and without Judea (the ‘Jude’ of ‘Judaism’).”

Wilf said Zionist leaders agreed to the plan, because “it did mean that the Jewish people would thus have a sovereign state of their own in their ancient homeland and could liberate and govern themselves.”

In contrast, she said, “the Arabs clearly and openly rejected the plan — there is no fudging the historical record here — arguing that they will not accept any form of a Jewish sovereign presence in the land.”

The surrounding Arab states then launched a war on the newly-established Jewish state, explained Wilf.

According to the Elder of Ziyon report, in another slide — titled “Conflict: Pride and Land” — the claim was made that, “Migration of European Jews to the area begins about 1918, they buy best lands from the Arabs.”

Small waves of European Jews had immigrated to modern-day Israel throughout the 14-19th centuries, with the period under Ottoman rule known as the “Old Yishuv.” Moves motivated by Jewish nationalistic ideals began as early as the mid-to-late 1800s.

The city of Petah Tikva, which today boasts a population of some quarter of a million people, was founded in 1878 and is known as “Em HaMoshavot,” or “Mother of the Moshavot.”

Bellaire High School representatives did not immediately respond to The Algemeiner‘s requests for comment.

No Sense Denying the Jewish Connection to Jerusalem


Archaeologists have uncovered even more evidence of the ancient Jewish connection to Jerusalem — this right after UNESCO and the Palestinian Authority (PA) declared that Jews have no ties to the holy city. Talk about irony.

The latest discovery is a site where the Roman army assaulted Jewish forces guarding the outer walls of Jerusalem, during the Second Temple period. The find further discredits the lies of the UN and the PA.

The Romans were attacking Jewish forces; no evidence was found of any Palestinian forces in the area. The assault took place during the Second Temple period — the temple that the PA says never existed.

Every time archaeologists dig in Israel, another piece of the Palestinian propaganda line crumbles. Earlier this year, scientists unearthed two ancient document seals in Jerusalem, dating to the late eighth century or early seventh century BCE. The script on the seals is in Hebrew, not Arabic or any other language connected to Arabs or Muslims.

One of the seals bears the name of a man, “Sa’adyahu ben Shebnayahu.” The other is the name of a woman, “Elihanah bat Goel” (or Gael). Jewish names. Not Arab or Muslim or Palestinian. The archaeologists note that the names were “in typical Judean fashion for this time period.”

Another important archaeological discovery earlier this year was the discovery of the world’s oldest glass kilns, alongside a railroad track at the foot of Mount Carmel, near Haifa. Professor Ian Freestone of London’s University College, a specialist in the identification of the chemical composition of glass, noted that the kilns prove that “Israel constituted a production center on an international scale — hence its glassware was widely distributed throughout the Mediterranean and Europe.”

The kilns date from around the year 400 C.E., some 300 hundred years after the Romans destroyed the Second Temple, killed an estimated 600,000 Jews, and destroyed more than 1,000 Jewish cities and towns.

Despite that devastation, the Jews were so attached to the Land of Israel that they rebuilt their society, to the point of serving as a glass-production center that exported its wares throughout the Roman Empire. One of the most famous discoveries in this field is an edict by the Roman emperor Diocletian, in which he set the prices for what he called “Judean glass.”

Not “Palestinian glass,” but “Judean glass.” Because everyone knew that Judea was the name of the region. That’s what the Bible called it. That’s what historians have called it for more than 2,000 years.

That is, until UNESCO and the Palestinian Arab propaganda machine came along.

Original Article: Algemeiner

Schools in Qatar, Bahrain withdraw textbook that calls Palestinian hijackers ‘terrorists’


Qatar’s education ministry tweeted on Monday that the book was found to ”carry content that conflicted with Qatar’s foreign policy.”

A history textbook that describes Palestinians who hijacked planes in 1970 as terrorists has stirred anger in Qatar and Bahrain, prompting government interventions to stop its use in private schools.

Oxford University Press describes the book, Technology, War and Independence, 1901-Present Day, by Aaron Wilkes, as “gripping and truly memorable history to inspire your young historians.”

But its use this academic year by ninth graders in the International School of Choueifat in Doha touched off social media denunciations in Qatar, which prompted the government to send a team to the school on Monday, according to the Doha News website. The school is part of an international network of educational institutions that traces its origins to Choueifat, Lebanon and in the 1970s began to spread across the region.

Qatar’s education ministry tweeted on Monday that the book was found to “carry content that conflicted with Qatar’s foreign policy.”

“The school was issued a firm warning, copies of the book were withdrawn and students were refunded fees paid for this book,” the ministry added. “The school was also instructed that it is imperative that the ministries approval be obtained before any book can be taught.”

Speaking to Doha News, school officials said the book had actually been withdrawn last week “immediately upon identification of certain inappropriate content.”

What raised the ire of the social media users was a description, under the heading “What is Terrorism?” The book details the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine’s hijackings that shocked the world and triggered King Hussein’s crackdown against the PLO in September 1970. “Palestinian terrorists took over several airliners in 1970 including two American, one Swiss and one British. They targeted American planes because they felt the USA always helped out Israel, a country that occupies land the Palestinians claim as their own. They wanted their own country – Palestine – and wanted land that Israel occupies. Terrorist acts continue today in this area of the Middle East.”

Another section of the book on “How do terrorists attack?” that lists one of the means as suicide bombs also evoked anger. “Explosives are attached to the bomber’s body,” the book says. “They approach the target and explode the bomb. Palestinian terrorists are well known for this.”

School principal Joseph Salameh said the inclusion of the book in the curriculum was an “oversight” that “slipped through the net in spite of our rigorous system of screening new books.” He said that Sabis, the international education organization that oversees the school network, “will be scrutinizing its screening system in order to avoid such mistakes in the future.”

Meanwhile, a ninth grade textbook used at the International School of Choueifat in Bahrain also “stirred the rancor of the citizens,” according to a report on the website of Bahrain’s al-Watan newspaper on Tuesday.

The report did not name the textbook, but al-Watan wrote that the book “considered Palestinians to be terrorists.” Like in Qatar, education officials responded to a social media outcry by visiting the school. “The Ministry of Education obliged the school to withdraw the book which hadn’t been submitted for approval,” al-Watan reported, adding that the book “includes subjects that contradict the general policy of the kingdom of Bahrain.”

Withdrawal of the book came days after Doha College, one of the oldest British curriculum schools in Qatar, came under criticism after it included Israel in a display of world flags. The flag was removed. Principal Steffen Sommer told Doha News that it was “an error of judgment” to include the flag. Qatar’s Ministry of Education waded into this fray as well, with officials saying that “Israel’s flag was displayed as a mistake and it was taken down.”

Israel and Qatar have no formal relations and Qatari public opinion identifies strongly with the Palestinians. At times, Israeli athletes compete in events hosted by Qatar. In 2013, the Israeli flag was removed during the International Swimming Federation World Cup in Doha after residents complained about it, according to Doha News. In 2014, the Israeli flag was flown.

Two Israeli beach volleyball players participated in a tournament in Doha in April.

Original Article: The Jerusalem Post

CAIR Must Stand Trial in D.C. for Massive Fraud

cair trial

The United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit today unanimously reversed a trial court’s ruling dismissing a fraud case brought against the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). The result of the appellate court’s ruling [1]is that CAIR National, operating out of the District of Columbia, must stand trial and allow a jury to hear all of the evidence of the massive fraud and attempted cover up carried out by CAIR and perpetrated against hundreds of CAIR fraud victims.

In January of last year, Judge Paul Friedman, the federal judge presiding over a five-year old lawsuit alleging that CAIR defrauded hundreds of Muslim and non-Muslim clients, issued a shocking ruling when he summarily dismissed the lawsuit, which was brought in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

Immediately, the American Freedom Law Center (AFLC) and the Law Offices of David Yerushalmi appealed, asking the D.C. Circuit to reverse Judge Friedman and reinstate the plaintiffs’ claims against CAIR.

The appellate court heard oral arguments in February of this year, and issued its unanimous ruling today.

David Yerushalmi, lead counsel for the five plaintiffs in the two consolidated cases alleging that CAIR hired a fake lawyer who defrauded the CAIR clients, explained the decisiveness of the appellate court’s ruling:

“The Court of Appeals not only unanimously reversed the trial court, sending the case back for a jury trial, but it carefully went through each fact we argued Judge Friedman either dismissed out-of-hand or ignored completely to justify his clearly erroneous ruling, explaining further why each fact supports our claims against CAIR.”

CAIR, a self-described Muslim public interest law firm, was previously named as a Muslim Brotherhood-Hamas front group by the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the federal criminal trial and conviction of a terrorist funding cell organized around one of the largest Muslim charities, the Holy Land Foundation (HLF). HLF raised funds for violent jihad on behalf of Hamas, and top CAIR officials were part of the conspiracy. In addition, several of CAIR’s top executives have been convicted of terror-related crimes. As a result, the FBI publicly announced that it has terminated any outreach activities with the national organization, which bills itself as “America’s largest Muslim civil liberties and advocacy organization.”

The pending lawsuits allege that Morris Days, the “Resident Attorney” and “Manager for Civil Rights” at the now defunct CAIR-MD/VA chapter in Herndon, Virginia, was in fact not an attorney and that he failed to provide legal services for clients who came to CAIR for legal representation. As alleged, CAIR knew of this fraud and purposefully conspired with Days to keep the CAIR clients from discovering that their legal matters were being mishandled or not handled at all. Furthermore, the complaints allege that according to CAIR internal documents, there were hundreds of victims of the CAIR fraud scheme.

According to court documents, CAIR knew or should have known that Days was not a lawyer when it hired him. But, like many criminal organizations, things got worse when CAIR officials were confronted with clear evidence of Days’ fraudulent conduct. Rather than come clean and attempt to rectify past wrongs, CAIR conspired with its Virginia Chapter to conceal and further the fraud.

To this end, CAIR officials purposefully concealed the truth about Days from their clients, law enforcement, the Virginia and D.C. state bar associations, and the media. When CAIR did get irate calls from clients about Days’ failure to provide competent legal services, CAIR fraudulently deceived their clients about Days’ relationship to CAIR, suggesting he was never actually employed by CAIR, and even concealing the fact that CAIR had fired him once some of the victims began threatening to sue.

While Judge Friedman agreed that Days and CAIR’s Virginia chapter were liable for fraud, he concluded, after improperly weighing the evidence, that CAIR National in D.C., the named defendant in the lawsuit, was not responsible for Days’ fraudulent conduct. The appeals court, however, found that Judge Friedman was wrong on each and every fact raised by the plaintiffs, concluding, contrary to Judge Friedman, that each fact supports finding a direct relationship between CAIR National and Days.

David Yerushalmi, who is also AFLC’s co-founder and senior counsel, remarked:

“CAIR engaged in a massive criminal fraud in which literally hundreds of CAIR clients have been victimized. In his ruling, Judge Friedman inexplicably ignored material facts that establish CAIR National’s liability and then engaged in a transparently disingenuous ‘weighing’ of the factual evidence he did address, which is patently improper when evaluating cross-motions for summary judgment. We are thankful that the appeals court has rectified the trial court’s errors. Now, at long last, our clients will go before a jury and get their day in court.”

Robert Muise, co-founder and senior counsel of AFLC, added,

“This ruling is a significant victory. Not only does it reinstate our claims against CAIR, but it makes plain that we have an incredibly strong case to present to a jury. In short, CAIR has no way out. It is a fraudulent organization, and we will get a chance to prove that to a jury.”
Original Article: Pamela Geller

Student: Here’s What The Common Core Horror Show Looks Like At My High School

cc horror

When will the United States government learn that a “one size fits all” education system is not the way to improve our global ranking?

Granted, “one size fits all” education systems can be found in countries that rank above the United States, such as Singapore and Finland. However, it can also be found in countries ranked lower than the United States, such as Costa Rica, Greece, Italy, and Pakistan, to name a few. Clearly, the problem lies not in a lack of “one size fits all standards” but rather in lurking variables which cannot be measured by a student’s score on the SBAC.

The Common Core State Standards are the latest futile attempt by the federal government to improve our education system and, as a result, our global ranking, which falls at an embarrassing 14 as of 2015. Common Core is unlike any education system in the world — and not in a good way. It was implemented without the evaluation of education specialists, teachers, and parents. But hey, Bill Gates gave it a thumbs up (and lots of funding), so why not?

In the time that Common Core was implemented until now, I have personally seen its overwhelmingly negative effects on public school education, particularly in the subject of Math. Common Core Math is supposed to prepare high school students for successful careers in the STEM field; it does the opposite. Instead, the main mind behind Common Core Math, Jason Zimba, admits the most it will do is prepare students for Math at a non-selective Community College.

Using the excuse of “that’s Common Core”, Math teachers at my school have stopped teaching. A good friend of mine reports that her Math teacher merely puts the notes on the board, then leaves students to “figure it out themselves” and refuses to answer any questions they ask her. Even so that is not the worst I have to report about these horrendous new “standards” — the worst comes at the elementary level. The other night I found myself unable to help my younger brother with his 5th grade level Math homework. The homework required the use of a complex estimation method I had never even heard of to divide three-digit numbers. What’s so wrong with good ol’ long division?

In addition to encouraging horrendous new methods of teaching, Common Core brings a massive increase in standardized testing. The Smarter Balance Assessment Consortium (SBAC), is the result of “Common Core Standards- aligned tests.” My junior year of high school, my class was used as “guinea pigs” to test out these new standardized tests. A week before the exam, my AP U.S. History teacher had to pause teaching us about actual United States History weeks before our AP Exam to teach us about ziplines. Yes, ziplines. Apparently, one of the Math portions of the SBAC was going to ask about ziplines, so we needed a basic understanding of how they worked. It was nothing but a waste of time and just goes to show the societal obsession with tests as a measurement of progress. An obsession which has done nothing but create a learning environment full of animosity, with students, particularly those in high school, facing spikes in levels of stress. At my school, about 300 out of 700 students chose to opt out of the SBAC. To be quite honest, I only took it because our school administration bribed us with an extra graduation ticket and a longer lunch.

There is no way the Common Core State Standards will improve American education. It is a “system” created without the input of a single educator or parent that is heavily reliant on standardized testing to measure success. The intention to better equip us for college and beyond has backfired, as Common Core has left students clueless. Students are being taught that 77 – 3 = 74 is not a reasonable answer because 77 should’ve been rounded to 80 and 3 should’ve been rounded to 0. It is a completely preposterous progressive experiment that has done nothing but harm the way K – 12 students are being taught.

Everyone who hopes to improve America’s global ranking from 14 to 1 needs to call for the repealing of the Common Core State Standards and the end of “one size fits all” education standards.

by Karina Lopez
Original Article: The Daily Wire

Netanyahu to French PM: Hold direct Israeli-Palestinian talks in Paris without preconditions

bibi and france

France should hold direct Israeli and Palestinian talks at its June 3 parley in Paris on the frozen peace process, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told his French counterpart when the two met in Jerusalem on Monday afternoon.

“If you really want to help launch peace, then help us launch direct negotiations with [Palestinian Authority] Mahmoud Abbas,” Netanyahu said, as he suggested that the French amend their new peace initiative so that it becomes a platform for such talks.

“I’m ready to clear my schedule and fly to Paris tomorrow. Well, I think tomorrow we’re expanding the government, but the day after tomorrow.

“And it’s an open offer. I will clear my calendar, and I hope that this is taken up by you and by the Palestinians.

“Israelis and Palestinians have suffered too much. It’s time to sit down together and work out our differences so that peace may reign at long last,” Netanyahu told French Prime Minister Manuel Valls who is on his second day of a three day trip to Israel and the Palestinian territories.

High on Valls agenda is a June 3 Paris meeting of ministers from some 20 countries including the US, in which a new French peace initiative would be launched.

Israelis and Palestinians are not invited to the meeting, in which the ministers will plan a large peace conference in the fall and discuss trust building measures to help lay the ground-work for renewed talks.

The Palestinians have welcomed the internationalized process which they hope will set a framework for the process that will included a time-line for an Israeli withdrawal to the pre-1967 lines and a halt of West Bank settlement activity and Jewish building in east Jerusalem.

Netanyahu has opposed it, because he believes it allows the Palestinians to by-pass talks by turning to the international community.

“The Palestinian leadership doesn’t see the French initiative as an inducement to compromise, but rather as a way to avoid it. In fact, the Palestinian Prime Minister, [Rami] Hamdallah, let slip the other day his hope for an imposed timetable, rather than a negotiated peace,” Netanyahu said.
At his office in Jerusalem, he told Valls, “I would gladly accept a different French initiative, and here’s the one important change. This initiative can still take place in Paris, because that would be a marvelous place to sign a peace accord,” Netanyahu said.

“It can still be called the French initiative, because you would host this genuine effort for peace, but here’s the difference: I will sit alone directly with President Abbas in the Élysée Palace, or anywhere else that you choose,” Netanyahu said.

Every issue would be on the table, Netanyahu said. This would include: mutual recognition, incitement, borders, refugees and settlements.

“There is no issue too complex to solve if both sides are willing to talk to each other. And I am more than willing; I am eager,” said Netanyahu.

He explained that he knows first hand what it means to fight a war.

“I was injured in battle; I lost a brother; I lost many friends in battle. Israel wants nothing more than peace. And I hope you encourage President Abbas to accept this French initiative: direct negotiations without preconditions, between the Israeli prime minister, the Palestinian president in Paris,” Netanyahu said.

Valls told Netanyahu he would relay his offer to French President Francois Hollande.

“We are in favor of anything that contributes to peace and the resumption of talks,” Valls said.


Original Article: The Jerusalem Post

Dershowitz: Obama’s double standard toward Netanyahu

Dershowitz op ed

The US president owes the American people, and Benjamin Netanyahu, an explanation for his apparent hypocrisy and inconsistency.

As US President Barack Obama winds up his farewell tour of Europe, it is appropriate to consider the broader implications of the brouhaha he created in Great Britain. At a joint press conference with Britain Prime Minister, David Cameron, President Obama defended his intrusion into British politics in taking sides on the controversial and divisive Brexit debate. In an op-ed, Obama came down squarely on the side of Britain remaining in the European Union – a decision I tend to agree with on its merits. But he was much criticized by the British media and British politicians for intruding into a debate about the future of Europe and Britain’s role in it.

Obama defended his actions by suggesting that in a democracy, friends should be able to speak their minds, even when they are visiting another country: “If one of our best friends is in an organization that enhances their influence and enhances their power and enhances their economy, then I want them to stay in. Or at least I want to be able to tell them ‘I think this makes you guys bigger players.’” Nor did he stop at merely giving the British voters unsolicited advice, he also issued a not so veiled threat. He said that “The UK is going to be in the back of the queue” on trade agreements if they exit the EU.

President Obama must either have a short memory or must adhere to Emerson’s dictum that “foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.” Recall how outraged the same President Obama was when the Prime Minister of a friendly country, Benjamin Netanyahu, spoke his mind about the Iran Deal.

There are, of course, differences: first, Israel has a far greater stake in the Iran deal than the United States has in whatever decision the British voters make about Brexit: and second, Benjamin Netanyahu was representing the nearly unanimous view of his countrymen, whereas there is little evidence of whether Americans favor or oppose Brexit in large numbers.

Another difference, of course, is that Obama was invited to speak by Cameron, whereas, Netanyahu was essentially disinvited by Obama. But under our tripartite system of government – which is different than Britain’s Unitary Parliamentary system — that fact is monumentally irrelevant. Netanyahu was invited by a co-equal branch of the government, namely Congress, which has equal authority over foreign policy with the president and equal authority to invite a friendly leader. Moreover, not only are the British voters divided over Brexit, but the conservative party itself is deeply divided. Indeed, the leading political figure in opposition to Britain remaining in the European Union is a potential successor to Cameron as leader of the Conservative party. So these differences certainly don’t explain the inconsistency between Obama’s interference in British affairs and his criticism of Netanyahu for accepting an invitation from Congress to express his country’s views on an issue directly affecting its national security.

So what is it Mr. President? Should friends speak their minds about controversial issues when visiting another country, or should they keep their views to themselves? Or is your answer that friends should speak their minds only when they agree with other friends, but not when they disagree? Such a view would skew the market place of ideas beyond recognition. If friends should speak about such issues, it is even more important to do so when they disagree.

A wit once observed that “hypocrisy is the homage vice pays to virtue.” It is also the currency of diplomacy and politics. That doesn’t make it right.

The president owes the American people, and Benjamin Netanyahu, an explanation for his apparent hypocrisy and inconsistency. Let there be one rule that covers all friends – not one for those with whom you agree and another for those with whom you disagree. For me the better rule is open dialogue among friends on all issues of mutual importance. Under this rule, which President Obama now seems to accept, he should have welcomed Prime Minister Netanyahu’s advocacy before Congress, instead of condemning it. He owes Prime Minister Netanyahu an apology, and so do those Democratic members of Congress who rudely stayed away from Netanyahu’s informative address to Congress.

Original Article: The Jerusalem Post

Is the Common Core past its peak and heading toward oblivion?

CC crumble

Intelligent discussion of schools has disappeared from the presidential campaign, replaced by low comedy, such as Sen. Ted Cruz’s promise to repeal every word of the Common Core State Standards. Cruz would have to persuade many state officials who loathe him to do this, as the standards are largely immune to presidential decree. But his vow passed so quickly that few remember what he said.

For deep insights on the Common Core, the leading education reform of the day, I depend instead on Tom Loveless, a non-resident senior fellow of the Brown Center on Education Policy at the Brookings Institution. Loveless is neither a supporter nor an opponent of the Common Core. He is simply a realist, an endangered political species.

Jay Mathews is an education columnist and blogger for the Washington Post, his employer for 40 years. View Archive
When I hear from teachers and parents who like the Common Core’s enhancement of educational content and emphasis on writing and thinking, I say, “Why not give it a try?” But I also remember Loveless’s studies showing that new standards in general have rarely produced significant gains in student achievement in the countries and U.S. states that have tried them.

In Loveless’s latest annual Brown Center report, new data indicate that the Common Core may already have passed its peak and begun the slow decline into oblivion, to which most U.S. school reforms succumb.

Don’t bother to tell the presidential candidates. They’re interested only in whether the Common Core is interfering with state prerogatives. But those who care about student achievement should consider what Loveless is saying.

He divided the District and the states, including Maryland, which adopted the Common Core, into two groups, strong implementers and medium implementers. He then created a third group, the non-adopters, which include Virginia. He calculated how much each group had, or had not, changed instruction with data from the National Assessment of Educational Progress. The data, composed of federal teacher surveys and student tests, shed light on four Common Core changes: more nonfiction reading in fourth grade, more nonfiction reading in eighth grade, less emphasis on data and geometry in fourth-grade math, and a more unified curriculum in eight-grade math.

As Loveless’s previous studies predicted, the teaching alterations that the Common Core inspired have had almost no effect on student achievement between 2009 and 2015. The new way of teaching “is associated with a change of no more than a single point (plus or minus) in NAEP for both fourth grade reading and eighth grade math scores,” he wrote. “A change of one NAEP scale point is trivial — and especially so over six years.”

Common Core supporters say the effort is just getting started. Loveless summarizes their case: “Professional development, new textbooks, teaching that targets ‘deeper learning,’ and all the other accouterments of [the new standards] take time to unfold.” He quotes the California State Board of Education chair, who says it will take at least until 2020, a decade after implementation in that state, to see if the Common Core works.

But, Loveless wrote, the data “support a competing hypothesis.” Maybe the new standards program “has already had its best years and additional gains will be difficult to attain,” he said. “Major top-down reforms can have their strongest effects when first adopted, whether it’s the NSF-funded [National Science Foundation] science and math curricula of the 1960s, including New Math, or the more recent No Child Left Behind Act. Policy elites rally around a new policy, advocates trumpet the benefits that will occur,” but schools are not transformed and interest evaporates.

Eighth-grade NAEP math scores declined in 2015 for the first time ever. Loveless said that is probably not the fault of the Common Core, but it still doesn’t look good politically. Which is the point. This election cycle has indelibly labeled the standards as troubled, no matter their merits. It is hard to see how they can survive under such conditions.

Original Article: The Washington Post

American officials condemn ‘barbaric’ attacks on Israeli civilians

Dan Shapiro Speak

State Department calls stabbings ‘horrific’; UN envoy ‘increasingly alarmed’ by near daily terror attacks, calls on leaders to work against violence.

The US State Department on Monday condemned two Palestinian terrorist attacks in which an Israeli woman was murdered and a second injured, saying Washington was “appalled” by “the barbaric acts of terrorism.”

Dafna Meir, a mother of six, was murdered in her West Bank home Sunday evening, and Michal Froman was moderately injured Monday in a stabbing in a West Bank settlement as well. Meir’s murderer remained on the loose as of Monday. Froman’s attacker was shot and injured by an armed civilian after fleeing the scene.

Meir and Froman were the latest victims of nearly four months of near daily Palestinian attacks on Israeli civilians and security personnel that have left 25 Israelis and three foreigners dead, as well as 146 Palestinians, among them 101 assailants.

In a statement, spokesman John Kirby said the State Department “condemn[s] in the strongest possible terms the terrorist attacks over the past two days against Israeli civilians.”

“These horrific incidents underscore the importance of affirmative steps to restore calm, reduce tensions and bring an immediate end to the violence,” Kirby said.

Hours earlier, US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro said Washington “condemns unequivocally these barbaric acts of terrorism” and offered American “support and sympathy to the bereaved families and the wounded, and assistance to families of American citizen victims of terror.”

“We are committed to do everything we can, and call on all others to do everything they can, to bring an end to the violence and help restore security and stability,” Shapiro said in remarks delivered at the Institute for National Security Studies’s annual conference.

Meir was buried in Jerusalem on Monday, a day after she was murdered in her home in the West Bank settlement of Otniel.

Shapiro was also sharply critical of Israel’s West Bank policies, accusing Israel of a double standard in comments that drew harsh opprobrium from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office.

“The words of the ambassador, on a day in which a murdered mother of six is buried and on a day in which a pregnant woman is stabbed — are unacceptable and incorrect,” a statement from Netanyahu’s office read.

United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process Nickolay Mladenov also issued a statement Monday condemning the two West Bank stabbings.

“Nothing justifies the murder of a mother in front of her own children,” he said in a statement. “My thoughts are with the families and friends of all victims of violence.”

“I am increasingly alarmed by the continued attacks in the occupied West Bank that are taking place almost on a daily basis and call upon the Israeli and Palestinian authorities to take action to ensure that the perpetrators are swiftly brought to justice,” he added.

He called on leaders from both sides “to work together against the spiral of violence and the targeting of civilians.”

“The volatility of the current situation only serves the hate-filled agendas of extremists on all sides. I encourage all parties to promote calm and refrain from inflammatory statements and retaliatory actions.”

Israeli officials have sometimes accused US and other international figures of being insensitive to Israel’s struggle with terror attacks and failing to properly condemn incidents and incitement.

Original Article: The Times Of Israel

Here Are 5 Things You Need to Know About the Council on American Islamic Relations

5 facts c

The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), perhaps imprudently, placed itself at the forefront of media coverage on the Muslim killing spree in San Bernardino. In effort to peddle politically expedient myths like “workplace violence,” CAIR desperately tried to displace blame and de-link the self-evident connection of Islam with the Syed Farook’s lethal motivations.

The Islamic lobbying group was so eager to exonerate Islam that it featured and counseled the murderer’s family in its press conference. Naturally, social media lit up with incredulity:



Here are 5 things you need to know about the Council on American Islamic Relations:

1. CAIR is listed as a terrorist group by foreign governments.

Surprisingly, Arab governments are willing to admit what the Obama administration is not: CAIR is not just a lobbying group, but an organization that fosters and promotes radicalism and perhaps even terrorism.

“The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) was one of 82 groups around the world designated terrorist organizations by the United Arab Emirates, placing it in the company of Al Qaeda, Islamic State, and others,” reports Fox News.

“[The list is] a clear message to the world about the UAE’s stance against terrorism, extremism and fanaticism, focusing on and putting a cordon around all subversive entities that seek to undermine the security and stability of the state and seeks to protect the community from extremist ideology,” declared a senior Emirates official.

The UAE is unequivocal in its stance against CAIR. “We cannot accept incitement or [terror] funding when we look at some of these organizations. For many countries, the definition of terror is that you have to carry a weapon and terrorize people. For us, it’s far beyond that. We cannot tolerate even the smallest and tiniest amount of terrorism,” stated UAE Foreign Affairs Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al-Nahyan.

CAIR has been placed between a rock and a hard place as a result of the UAE’s unwavering denouncement of its activities. “The designation of CAIR by a Muslim Arab country puts the organization in a difficult spot. CAIR cannot attack the UAE as bigoted Islamophobes, as is its usual strategy with its critics,” explains The Clarion Project, an anti-extremist non profit organization.

2. CAIR is cozy with the Obama administration.

The U.S. based pro-Muslim group “enjoys close ties with the Obama administration,” according to Fox News. “[CAIR] has held hundreds of meeting with White House officials on a wide range of community issues and has sought to present itself as a mainstream Muslim organization.”

When CAIR dispatched its robust legal and PR task force to publicize and sensationalize the fake news story of Ahmed “The Clock Kid,” President Obama took the bait, inviting the now disgruntled Qatari resident to the White House.

Even the Emiratis are dumbfounded by the Obama administration’s sycophancy. “The noise (by) some Western organizations over the UAE’s terrorism list originates in groups that are linked to the Muslim Brotherhood and many of them work on incitement and creating an environment of extremism,” suggested UAE State Foreign Affairs Minister Anwar Gargash. The Foreign Affairs Minister insisted that CAIR is indeed part and parcel of the Muslim Brotherhood lobby.

3. CAIR is directly connected to Hamas.

Hamas, the Islamic Palestinian death cult, or as Obama calls them Israel’s “partners in peace,” is perhaps the most well-known terrorist group in the world, behind ISIS and al-Qaeda.

The Muslim jihadist regime has run roughshod over Gaza since it seized power in 2005 after Palestinians first held a fully democratic election. Financed and trained by Iran, Hamas is the prime instigator of violence against Israeli citizens, firing unguided rockets at densely populated civilian centers in Israel.

Unsurprisingly, CAIR is essentially an offshoot of the terror group. In fact, Hamas “indirectly created CAIR and the two groups remain tight,” according to National Review. “In 1994, CAIR head Nihad Awad publicly declared his support for Hamas; the Holy Land Foundation (HLF), a Hamas front group, contributed $5,000 to CAIR; in turn, CAIR exploited the 9/11 attacks to raise money for HLF; and, this past August, demonstrators at a CAIR-sponsored rally in Florida proclaimed ‘We are Hamas!’”

4. Federal prosecutors have investigated CAIR for alleged criminal activity, filing lawsuits against the lobbying group.

According to National Review, “Federal prosecutors in 2007 named CAIR (along with two other Islamic organizations) as ‘unindicted co-conspirators and/or joint venturers’ in a criminal conspiracy to support Hamas financially. In 2008, the FBI ended contacts with CAIR because of concern about its continuing terrorist ties.”

In addition, CAIR’s individuals members have been involved in terrorism and other jihadist enterprises. “At least seven board members or staff at CAIR have been arrested, denied entry to the U.S., or were indicted on or pled guilty to (or were convicted of) terrorist charges: Siraj Wahhaj, Bassem Khafagi, Randall (“Ismail”) Royer, Ghassan Elashi, Rabih Haddad, Muthanna Al-Hanooti, and Nabil Sadoun,” reports National Review.

5. CAIR has launched a jihad of censorship against human rights activists, women’s rights advocates, and liberal Islamic reformers.

CAIR is notorious for its witch hunts, tracking down and blacklisting anyone who dares to criticize the very idea of Islamic theology. The group’s main tactic is verbal slander. Black feminist and ex-Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a frequent target of CAIR’s vitriol, despite her lived experience as a victim of forced marriage and female genital mutilation.

The group’s jihad against dissent is a time-honed ritual. “As reliably happens when CAIR plays its tired ‘Islamophobia’ card, universities across the nation cower — especially universities with active Muslim Students Association chapters,” notes National Review.

In fact, CAIR vehemently opposed the release of the women’s rights advocacy film, Honor Diaries, on the basis that it was “Islamophobic.” For anybody with a beating heart, the film Honor Diaries should not be controversial.

“Honor Diaries is an important film that explores the brutality and systematic inequality faced by women in Muslim-majority societies. It features both believing Muslim women, like Dr. Qanta Ahmed (whose compelling essay about the film was published here at National Review Online yesterday), and former Muslims like Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the renowned author and human-rights activist,” explains National Review. “The purpose of Honor Diaries is to empower women by shining a light on the hardships they endure — including “honor” killings (i.e., murders over the perception of having brought shame to the family by violating Islamic norms), beatings, genital mutilation, forced marriage — particularly of young girls – and restrictions on movement, education, and economic opportunity. The film highlights authentic Muslim moderates struggling against the dead-end of Islamic supremacism.”

Original Article: The Daily Wire

Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio Only GOP Candidates to Sign Sunshine Summit Pledge to End Common Core Standards

stop cc cruz rubio

Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. Marco Rubio are the only GOP 2016 candidates to have signed a Florida parent group’s pledge to end federal implementation of the Common Core standards if elected president.

Out of 14 candidates who participated in the Republican Party’s Sunshine Summit last week, only Cruz signed the pledge immediately with Florida Parents Against Common Core (FPACC).

FPACC approached all of the GOP presidential candidates attending the summit and asked them to sign a pledge to eradicate Common Core should they be elected president, reports Sunshine State News.

Cruz offered to sign the petition even beforehand. FPACC did not receive similar contact from any of the other candidates, however.

The pledge states:

I, _______, pledge to the students, parents, teachers, and concerned citizens of the United States of America that I will stop federal involvement in Common Core and that I will oppose any efforts by the federal government to mandate, impose, or influence standards, assessments, or curriculum.”

stop cc pledge

FPACC has been disturbed by the lack of response from Gov. Rick Scott and the Florida Department of Education over repealing Common Core in the state.

“Senator Cruz’s pledge provides needed leadership on the critical issue of education that so impacts the many residents and students of the State of Florida,” Luz Gonzalez, FPACC coordinator, said in a statement.

On Friday, Rubio also signed the FPACC pledge, and another at the Family Leader Foundation’s education initiative at the Presidential Family Forum in Iowa as well.

“Understanding that the massive federal bureaucracy of education must be stopped, and recognizing that the best decision makers for their children’s educational needs are their parents, Senator Rubio is committed to reinforcing his long standing support for the student health and school opportunity of each child,” wrote Gonzalez.

On Thursday, Sunshine State News reported that Rubio had not responded to FPACC’s urging to sign the pledge. After FPACC expressed concerns that GOP presidential candidates were saying they are opposed to the unpopular Common Core standards, but not following with signing the pledge, he came through with his signature.

Cofounder of FPACC Laura Zorc attended the Sunshine Summit in Orlando, but said though her group had reached out to the candidates and their staff before the summit, she did not have access to them after their speeches.

“[The candidates] just weren’t accessible,” she explained. “They went straight from the stage into the press room and from the press room into their private receptions, so I could never get access to any of the candidates.”

The Florida primary is Tuesday, March 15, 2016.

Original Article: BRIETBART


Press Release image

For Immediate Release:

Nashville, Tennessee – (11/18/2015) – A growing number of concerned Tennessee parents and citizens furious over the widespread use of pro-Islamic propaganda incorporated into the state’s public school education have joined a nationwide campaign calling for educators and government officials to put an end to the chronically deceptive policies and practices.

The campaign, led by Tennessee-based Proclaiming Justice to The Nations (“PJTN”), builds on an earlier victory in which PJTN forced the mighty Pearson publishing empire to remove anti-Semitic references from one of its textbooks.

PJTN launched the campaign following a series of nationwide occurrences in which parents expressed outrage over anti-Semitic material discovered in their children’s textbooks. Other parents were reported to be equally outraged over curricula requiring students to act out Muslim practices, known as the Five Pillars of Islam. In some instances, non-Muslim students have been required to repeat the Muslim prayer of conversion in Arabic affirming Allah as the only true god and Mohammed as his prophet.

It has also been revealed that some of the Islamic curriculum was compiled and funded by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). In 2007, the U.S. Department of Justice labeled CAIR an “un-indicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorist fundraising operation in the history of the United States during the Holy Land Foundation trial. CAIR has close ties to the International Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas terror organization. In 2014, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) designated CAIR as a U.S. terrorist organization along with the Muslim American Society (MAS). MAS have student organizations on many U.S. college campuses.

David Baldovin, a retired FBI agent stated, “The recent terrorist attacks in Paris by ISIS were executed by individuals that adhere to the same doctrine and ideology that motivated Jihadi John.” That same ideology, he asserts, “The Doctrine of Islam, is what is behind the Islamic/Muslim Brotherhood propaganda which appears in Textbooks in our schools, by Pearson, as well as other Textbook publishers. It is the same Doctrine, just a tactic different from that of violent Jihad. It is known as ‘soft,’ or’ ‘stealth’ Jihad. They seek the same goal: to ‘eliminate and destroy Western Civilization.'”

Laurie Cardoza-Moore, president of PJTN, last month asked Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam and the Tennessee General Assembly to launch a full and thorough investigation into these textbooks. “This year, a Tennessee educated young man gunned down American servicemen in Chattanooga in the name of ISIS,” Cardoza-Moore noted. In 2009, Carlos Bledsoe from Memphis firebombed a local Orthodox Rabbi’s home before traveling to Arkansas to kill a recruiting officer. How many more attacks like this do we need before checking the content of our children’s textbooks?”

Cardoza-Moore stated that PJTN will not allow our children’s education to be overtaken by hostile forces, have our religious heritage taught as an afterthought or let political agendas contrary to our beliefs to be peddled as education.

“We have already succeeded in having one Pearson textbook containing anti-Semitic references that glorified Palestinian terror against Jews in Israel corrected in Tennessee schools,” she stated. “Now we are going nationwide, calling on our members across the country to rise up and fight for our children’s education and the future of this Republic.”

“The misleading approach to teaching religion in public schools that favors Islam is no longer a well-kept secret,” said Bill Becker, president and general counsel of Freedom X, a non-profit public interest law firm partnered with PJTN in its campaign. “The cats out of the bag. School policies and the textbooks and supplemental materials being used exalt Islam while diminishing the importance of other religions. This represents a clear violation of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment and must be stopped.” Becker said his organization is actively seeking parents with children currently enrolled in classes teaching about Islam to become plaintiffs in lawsuits throughout the nation. “It is high time parents recognize their children are being taught lies and that they have the power to do something about it,” he said.

PJTN is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established to educate Christians about their Biblical responsibility to stand with their Jewish brethren and Israel, through powerful film and video presentations, a variety of grassroots rallies, events and speaking engagements to facilitate dialogue between the Christian and Jewish communities in support of the State of Israel and against genocidal anti-Semitism. Freedom X, a national public interest law firm organized to protect freedom of expression, assists PJTN in the campaign

Media Contact for Laurie Cardoza-Moore:

International Sr. Media Advisor
Avi Hyman at: avihyman@gmail.com

U.S./Christian Media Advisor
Jackie Monaghan
(615) 646-5990 – Direct.