The Case for PJTN

The Case for PJTN

The Problem PJTN faces the world’s oldest hatred, anti-Semitism. PJTN’s mission to educate people is essential in this battle, a battle that is often waged with words and images. There are many people who are unreachable as they have a willful blindness and deep-seated hatred of anything Jewish. But there are many others who merely follow the world and are either misinformed or just unsure. It is these people PJTN strives to reach, and most especially, the many Christians who are misled and uninformed of what their very Bible says.

The Strategy involves a “Campaign of Biblical Truth”. We know how to reach our audience and we know how much work is needed to make it happen. The more Christians who see our materials and our media content, the more that will stand with the Jewish people and Israel.

PJTN’s work in creating media content and distributing it through the internet, television and radio is needed – and very welcome – by Christian broadcasters around the world. Our strategy also involves other outreach initiatives such as rallies, live events, legislative work and programs at schools and college campuses. We will be emphasizing these initiatives against anti-Semitism even greater in 2014.

The Difference is simple… the majority of ‘pro-Israel’, pro-Jewish and pro-Zionist organizations spend a significant portion of their advocacy budgets trying to convince, convert and tilt thought-leaders, writers and the media to a positive narrative of Israel. Their methodology of branding Israel based on its positive contributions/inventions’ is meeting with mixed results, does not seem to have cracked the ‘next-generation’ and neglects, doesn’t understand or prefers not to engage with the singular largest pro-Israel market: Bible believing Christians.

This huge market is the target of PJTN.  Since 9/11, millions of Christians around the world began to question and seek answers about their biblical responsibility to Israel and the Jewish people as part of their own deepening, personal religious journey.

Most Christian universities and seminaries did not support the founding of Israel in 1948 and the majority of today’s Christian pastors, elders and leaders are ignorant about their own biblical responsibility to the Jewish people and Israel. Thus, this topic is not taught or learned in the majority of Christian seminaries. What is gleaned about the biblical people and land is picked up on the internet and through non-religious/anti-religion media.

It is a nightmare realized.  This ignorant class of leaders has transmitted their ignorance to the next generation of churchgoers.  That is why PJTN creates media content that skips the ‘gate keeping’ Church leadership and goes directly to Christians to educate and advocate for the Jewish people and Israel.  This creation of media ‘content’, including documentaries, programs, infomercials, and PSA’s, is the very heart and soul of PJTN’s ability to reach so many Christians at such a low price point.

At PJTN, our narrative is focused and our market is clear:  PJTN tells the story that our Christian leaders shy away from or completely neglect from the pulpit and the classroom… their all important Christian responsibility and relationship to the Jewish people and Israel.

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