Our Work

Our Work

With support from donors, PJTN has developed powerful film and video presentations, a variety of grassroots rallies, events and speaking engagements and even legislation supporting the State of Israel. Our accomplishments include:

Award-winning Films

Emmy Award-winning director Stan Moore brings his experience and success in film and media to PJTN as a featured resource. He has  helped foster Judeo-Christian values and share the truth about Israel with a growing number of Christians through his award-winning work. Among Stan’s accomplishments are 2 Emmy Awards, 13 Telly Awards, Best of Category in Mini-Documentary at the Liberty Film Fesitival, and 20 other awards, ranging from Hollywood Film Festival, International Christian Visual Media to American Film Festival Video Festival, and more.

 “The International Christian Prayer & Action Dinner for Israel” 10-Year Hosting Commitment National Religious Broadcasters Convention

We provide the Christian media with award-winning programs to broadcast on their networks around the globe each year. These Christians broadcasters are capable of reaching hundreds of millions of Christians around the globe with PJTN’s message of support for their Jewish brethren and the state of Israel. With special guest speakers and video presentations, PJTN hosted a “sold-out” crowd, and signed-up more Christian broadcasters then ever before.

This event follows the tradition of the late founder and president of the Religious Roundtable, Ed McAteer. The NRB convention attracts approximately 6,000 registered participants from the Christian media around the world. No other organization has the capacity to reach hundreds of millions of Christians around the globe each year. PJTN is the game-changer!
As we educate more Christians about their Biblical responsibility to stand with their Jewish brethren, we are able to provide more support to other pro-Israel initiatives through our grassroots approach.

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